How to Hijack or Hack a Bluetooth Speaker Within Few Minutes

How to Hijack or Hack a Bluetooth Speaker: KNOB may be used to control your Bluetooth speakers while you’re on the move. You can achieve this by: increased KNOB assault Allow the KNOB attack or use the KNOB assault to stifle Bluetooth traffic between devices on the same device. This opens up the possibility of taking charge of the session.

Does a Bluetooth speaker have the potential to be hacked?

Yes, as I indicated earlier, a Bluetooth speaker can be easily hacked if it is discoverable. A Bluetooth speaker can be hacked or taken over in a variety of ways. We’ll look at a few of them below.

First, pair your Bluetooth speaker with the device before anyone else does.

The simplest method for controlling a Bluetooth speaker is this. You will have control over the speaker if you are the first user to pair with it.

How to Hijack or Hack a Bluetooth Speaker
How to Hijack or Hack a Bluetooth Speaker

The majority of Bluetooth speakers include a default PIN. But some people don’t. If your device lacks a default PIN, you may effortlessly pair your device with the Bluetooth speaker you want to use and play any music you like.

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Use a KNOB (Key Negotiation of Bluetooth) attack.

A KNOB attack can be used against Bluetooth speakers, according to recent research. You can force two connected devices to connect without authentication using a KNOB attack. This implies that the attacker has full control over the system and is free to choose the music.

Knob Attack: What it is?

A man-in-the-middle attack known as a KNOB attack can be employed against Bluetooth devices. It enables an attacker to force paired devices to connect without authentication or with insecure encryption.

The exploit will then reduce the Bluetooth link’s entropy to 1 byte. One important aspect of Bluetooth security is entropy, which determines how much the Bluetooth encryption will change over time. The attacker can therefore decrypt any traffic delivered over the Bluetooth connection after it has been compromised. For KNOB to function, the hacker or hijacker needs to be close to the Bluetooth devices that are linked.

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Determine Bluetooth Speaker Flaws

As I previously stated, the firmware of many Bluetooth speakers is vulnerable. If an attacker can locate one of these weak points, they can use it to gain control of the speaker.

Scannable Bluetooth speakers can be found by using a programme like Shodan to look for them. You can use this tool to search the internet for online-connected gadgets. It also enables you to identify gadgets with exploitable flaws.

Searching for “Bluetooth vulnerability scanner” on Google is another technique to locate weak Bluetooth speakers. This will display a list of websites where you may check for Bluetooth device vulnerabilities.

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Use Kali Linux

Kali Linux may be used to locate Bluetooth speakers that are weak. There are numerous tools included with this penetration testing operating system that may be used to break into and attack Bluetooth devices.

The “Bluetooth-hcidump” tool can be used to detect susceptible Bluetooth speakers using Kali Linux. With this tool, you can record and examine Bluetooth packets. You can also use it to identify devices that are attack-prone.

The “Btscanner” tool in Kali Linux can also be used to identify Bluetooth devices that are unprotected and open to assault.

Using Metasploit, hack Bluetooth speakers.

Create exploits for vulnerabilities using the penetration testing framework, Metasploit. In order to take advantage of Bluetooth devices, it also includes a module called “bluetooth hcidump.”

  • You must take the following actions in order to hack a Bluetooth speaker using Metasploit:
  • Locate a Bluetooth device that is susceptible and online.
  • The “bluetooth hcidump” exploit can be used to gain control of the system. Bluetooth packets can be captured and examined using this hack.
  • To identify Bluetooth devices that are unprotected and subject to assault, use the “btscanner” utility.

Tips for Protecting Your Bluetooth Speaker from Hacking or Hijacking.

There are a number of techniques to guard against your Bluetooth speaker being taken over or hacked:

Establish a robust security code

This is one of the simplest methods for guarding against hacking or hijacking of your Bluetooth speaker. Make sure you choose a strong, challenging security code.

Firmware Update

Update your firmware on a regular basis.Doing so will allow you to address any potential vulnerabilities in the firmware of your device.

Put in place a dependable encryption scheme.

It is more difficult for someone to hack or take control of your Bluetooth speaker when the encryption standard is greater.

When not in use, turn Bluetooth off.

When not in use, make sure Bluetooth is always turned off. As I indicated before, your Bluetooth speaker can only be commandeered by hackers and hijackers if it is turned on.

In order to prevent your gadget from being hacked or taken over, turn it off while not in use.

Use a firewall to secure your device.

Make sure to firewall your device if you’re using a Bluetooth speaker with an iPhone or an Android mobile. This will aid in preventing someone from taking advantage of any Bluetooth connection vulnerabilities that could occur.

Make it inaccessible.

This is yet another easy method for guarding against hacking or hijacking of your Bluetooth speaker. It will be challenging for someone to find and connect to your Bluetooth speaker if you make it unfindable.

Install a Bluetooth security app.

You may use a variety of Bluetooth security apps to help safeguard your device. You may update your firmware, establish a strong security code, and disable device discovery using these programmes.

Do not connect to shared devices.

Your Bluetooth speaker may become subject to assault if you pair it with a shared device. Therefore, be careful to only pair your Bluetooth speaker with devices you know and trust.

When in public areas, use wired connections.

When in public places, you can, for example, utilise the audio jack to connect your Bluetooth speaker to a computer or laptop. By doing this, you’ll be able to prevent theft or hacking of your device.

Using KNOB on an iPhone or an Android device to control Bluetooth speakers

You must take two actions in order to achieve this:

Increase the KNOB attack’s level of difficulty by allowing it to degrade or decrypt the Bluetooth traffic between the two devices. You now have a chance to take control of the session.

Prepare for a Man-in-the-Middle assault: You must be physically close to the two linked devices in order for this to work. Position your attacking device and begin gathering data packets.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should my Bluetooth speaker be secured?

Because if your Bluetooth speaker is not properly secured, hackers and hijackers may take control of it, it is crucial to safeguard it. They can take your personal information or launch attacks on other devices using your Bluetooth speaker.

Which security measures can I use to protect my Bluetooth speaker?

Your Bluetooth speaker can be secured in a number of ways:
– Establish a robust security code
Regular firmware updates, using a powerful encryption technique, and making it undetectable

How do I deal with a hacked Bluetooth speaker?

Turning off and unplugging your Bluetooth speaker should be your first steps if you suspect it has been compromised. The device’s manufacturer should then be contacted for assistance.

Can you hack a Bluetooth speaker?

Although it is difficult, it is possible to hack a Bluetooth speaker. A Bluetooth speaker can be compromised in a number of ways, including by exploiting exploits and programmes like Kali Linux.

Can you tell when a Bluetooth speaker has been compromised?

When your Bluetooth speaker is being hacked, you frequently won’t notice. There are various warning indications, such as a drop in sound quality or odd noises coming from the device, that you can watch out for.


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