Stadia Controller gets Bluetooth certification before patch

Google has given their final approval for Bluetooth support of the Stadia Controller and will shortly issue an update of their software to support it.

Google Stadia’s game streaming service will soon come to an end, yet its dedicated team remains hard at work on some final projects. On Friday they unveiled the internal testing game “Worm Game”, used as part of their assessment of Stadia performance.

Google Stadia fans have requested Google make its highly regarded Stadia Controller compatible with more devices, as its wireless gameplay was only possible through Stadia’s Wi-Fi network. Therefore, Google is working tirelessly on adding Bluetooth capabilities so it may also serve as a Bluetooth gaming controller.

Stadia Controller gets Bluetooth

Over the past months, significant strides have been taken; already the business announced that a patch for Stadia Controller would soon be released. While activating Bluetooth technology is an integral component of expanding compatibility, more must be done – all new or pre-owned gadgets must also be certified prior to being sold or traded in.

On Saturday night, Bluetooth Special Interest Group certified the Google Stadia Controller as a fully wireless controller and provided information regarding how the Stadia team managed to make it function entirely wirelessly.

Note the “HoGP BLE Profile compatibility for Stadia Controller,” highlighted by HoGP. BLE stands for Bluetooth Low Energy while “HID over GATT Profile,” indicates Google’s controller will connect wirelessly via Bluetooth in order to transmit button presses via button presses sent from Google devices. Furthermore, Google advertises it is Bluetooth 5.0 compatible.

With its certification, the Stadia Controller takes another step toward becoming an iconic piece of gaming history that can be enjoyed for years to come.

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