PS5 PlayStation Plus trial of The Last of Us ps Part 1

Those who may have been hesitant to try The last of us hbo Part 1 now have a fantastic opportunity thanks to the PlayStation Plus membership. Sony has remade the game from the ground up, making it a more up-to-date take on the classic that made it a hit when it was released last year.

Even though some people didn’t like the prices, the 2022 release was a big hit with the community. If you possess a PlayStation 5 and are a subscriber to PlayStation Plus in 2023, you may now play the game for free for a short period. Let’s check out how the first part of The Last of Us can be played for free for two hours on PS5 systems. Sony’s trial playable demos of first-party games are a first for the company.

PS5 PlayStation Plus trial of The Last of Us ps Part 1

Free trial of the last of us hbo Part 1 with a PlayStation Plus

Part 1 of The Last of Us is an updated version of the 2013 PS3 action-adventure game of the same name. Compared to the first release, Naughty Dog has made significant changes. Although the plot and the campaign have not changed, the visual improvements are clear. Users may appreciate more visual quality on their PS5 consoles thanks to features like the ability to attain 60 FPS.

To better compete with Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass, Sony renamed its previous PlayStation Plus program earlier in 2022. The Premium or Deluxe tier offers the most perks to its consumers across the board and is one of three possible options.

Sony has made one of its finest first-party titles of 2022, The Last of Us Part 1, available for a trial for a short period, increasing the tier’s desirability. PS Plus members who want to play the game must upgrade to the Premium plan and complete these procedures:

  • You may access the PS Store on your PS5 or computer.
  • Sign into the online shop with your membership account details and double check that it is still active.
  • Enter “The Last of Us Part 1” in the search bar, then click through to the game’s overview page.
  • A two-hour free trial will be available as one of many choices. Click it to finalise your purchase. Depending on your membership type, you may or may not be able to use this feature; if you do not, you will be offered the Premium plan instead. PlayStation Plus subscribers may take as much time as they wish with the trial period. The narrative may then be downloaded to your PS5 and played whenever you choose.
  • Keep in mind that the trial period only allows for two hours of playtime before you are locked out.

More offers like these are coming to PlayStation Plus in the near future, but it’s unclear whether they’ll become standard.

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