PS5 PlayStation Plus trial of The Last of Us ps Part 1

the last of us hbo PlayStation Plus members who were reluctant to try The Last of Us hbo Part 1 now have an excellent incentive thanks to Sony’s remastering of the classic title that proved so popular last year. Sony meticulously rebuilt The game from scratch, providing players with a fresh take on an iconic experience.

Although some were disappointed in the prices, 2024 release proved popular among gamers. If you own a PlayStation 5 and are subscribed to PlayStation Plus in 2024, then you can play The Last of Us for free for two hours – an unprecedented first for Sony. These trial playable demos of first-party titles will become staples in future Sony releases.

PS5 PlayStation Plus trial of The Last of Us ps Part 1

Free trial of the last of us hbo Part 1 with a PlayStation Plus

Naughty Dog’s action-adventure game The Last of Us: Part 1, released for PS3 in 2013, has recently undergone significant updates. While its plot and campaign remain unchanged, players can now experience enhanced visuals on their PS5 consoles with support for 60 frames per second frame rate.

In 2022, Sony revamped their PlayStation Plus program to better compete with Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass. Now there are three tiers of service: Premium, Deluxe and basic. Of these, the Premium tier offers the most benefits and represents the best value for customers looking to maximize their enjoyment from the service.

Sony’s best 2022 first party title, The Last of Us Part 1, is available for a limited time as a trial increasing the tier’s desirability. To play the game PS Plus members must upgrade to the Premium plan:

  • To purchase “The Last of Us Part 1,” you can access the PS Store using either your computer or PS5.
  • First, enter your membership account information on the online store and confirm it is active.
  • Next, type “The Last of Us Part 1” into the search bar to access its overview.
  • One option will be a two-hour free trial. Click it to complete your purchase; depending on your membership type, you June or June not be able to take advantage of this feature; if not, the Premium plan will be recommended to you.
  • PlayStation Plus trialists enjoy the freedom to take their time.
  • After downloading the game onto your PS5 console, you can play it anytime you please!
  • During your trial period, you have two hours to play before being locked out.

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PlayStation Plus subscribers will continues to receive additional offers like these, though it remains uncertain if they’ll become standard features.

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