How to get the Covert Cloak in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

How to get the Covert Cloak: Pokemon Scarlet and Violet will have more held items, including protective ones. Pokemon Scarlet and Violet introduce new items, such as held goods that give players an advantage in battle. A new item is the covert cloak. One of the many new items added to the game is the covert cloak. Players may use it during battles if they believe their Pokemon will take one or more blows.

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet: Uses of Covert Cloak

How to get the Covert Cloak: The Covert Cloak, a new item in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet’s generation 9, may shield Pokemon from move effects.
Body Slam is an 85-power, 100-accuracy regular move. Body Slam may also paralyse Pokemon it strikes. Holding it prevents Pokemon from being immobilised by Body Slam.

How to get the Covert Cloak

Covert Cloak reduces Body Slam’s effectiveness. This ability to protect Pokemon extends to any secondary effect move, like as poison, burn, freeze, stat alterations, etc. It is excellent for defensive techniques or combating plans that rely on move effects.

How to get the Covert Cloak?

How to get the Covert Cloak: It is beneficial and simple to get for players who have accumulated money by fighting Paldea trainers. Players with 20,000 Pokedollars should visit Levincia.
Levincia is in Paldea’s East Province (Area 2) It’s where Iono’s Electric Gym is. It’s a major city, little smaller than Mesagoza. Players may reach Levincia from Mesagoza by leaving the east gate and travelling through the East Province (Area One) to Artazon.

After leaving Artazon, players may continue the route east as it curves north past lesser mountains. Follow this route north until you cross a river over a bridge, then go east to Levincia.
A Team Star Base may be obstructing the road to Levincia. Taxis may carry players to nearby, previously visited locations.
It has a Delibird Presents, where players can buy a Covert Cloak for 20,000 Pokedollars.
With this item, players may combat Pokemon that use bothersome moves without being affected.

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