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Backrooms Entity 2023: The backrooms are wonderfully shown in the game Inside the Backrooms. good, almost too well. Folklore is accurate about your killers and those who are after you, and most people agree that they exist. Knowing your monsters and beasts is essential for survival, as the saying goes. All the entities from “inside the backrooms,” along with strategies for defeating them, are listed below.

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What is an Backrooms Entity?

Creatures of the backrooms are known as entities. The four ways to divide them are by how many there are, how they are named, how dangerous they might be, and where they live in nature. As its name implies, “number” is shorthand for a numerical representation of something. A thing’s “name” is the name by which it is commonly recognized. The term “hazard” is used to describe the degree of hidden danger an object or person poses (7). Lastly, the word “habitat” tells you how often you will come across the thing in question.

The M.E.G. has conveniently assigned numbers to all entities. In this numerical index, things are grouped together. People or things that look or have traits that are very similar to the main entity are called subtypes of that entity.

All Entities Inside The Backrooms 2023

Entity 2: The Window

The windows in the back room can take the shape of anything normal. These panes of glass house terrifying beings of mimicry that can lead you to your destruction.

Backrooms Entities

Entity 3: Smiler

As far as the entities in Inside The Backrooms go, the third one, commonly referred to as “The Smiler,” is the most horrifying one. These creatures look menacing, but it’s the way they pop up out of nowhere and wait for you around every corner that really gives you the willies.

Backrooms Entities

Entity 4: Deathmoths

Deathmoths are extremely large moths that live in the Backrooms. The male Deathmoths are mostly harmless and might even be able to be tamed. However, the female Deathmoths are much bigger, can spit acid, and are completely hostile. Deathmoths are drawn to light, so if you hear their wings flapping nearby, make sure to turn on all the lights.

Backrooms Entities

Entity 5: Clump

Clumps are dangerous things that look like big clumps of human limbs that flail around and grow in all directions. They have been seen in vents, cabinets, and other small places. When it comes to ambushing and eating Wanderers, these things are known for being so smart that it’s hard to believe.

Entity 6: Dullers

Most of the time, Dullers live in the lower levels of The Backrooms. They look like dark grey people, but they don’t have a face or ears, among other things. It’s not clear how Dullers kill their prey, since they usually run away when they feel threatened.

Entity 6: Dullers

Entity 7: Jerry

Jerry is a small bird that looks a lot like a hyacinth macaw. It lives mostly in Level 1, but is sometimes seen in Level 2. Jerry’s “home,” called Jerry’s Room, is on this level. Jerry and his followers often hang out there. People who touch Jerry without first taming him are subject to his ability to brainwash them. Jerry can be brought under control with sunflower seeds or almond water. If not, it’s best to stay away from Jerry at all costs.

Entity 8: Hound

Hounds are naked humanoid creatures with unkempt black hair on their heads and big, sharp-toothed mouths. They have long, bony legs, sharp claws, and white eyes without irises or pupils. They walk on all fours like dogs, which is how they got their name.

Entity 9: Facelings

Faceling is a general term for people who don’t have faces and hang out in the back rooms. There are many different kinds, and each one is different in how hostile it is. They are one of the most common backroom entities and probably one of the first ones you will meet. “Adult Facelings” and “Child Facelings” are the most common types, but more have been found since then.

Entity 10: Skin Stealer

Skin-Stealers are usually calm animals that wander around aimlessly when they don’t need to eat. At this stage, they won’t be mean to you unless you make them mad. When they are hungry, they will look for people who are alone and use their strength to tear them apart.

Entity 11: Bursters

The bursters will stay mostly calm in a fetal position, but when a living creature gets close, the calluses on their backs will burst. This will cause an explosion of acidic-like substances to spray at the victim’s face, usually blurring their vision.

Entity 12: Dunks

Dunks are small, square-shaped things with a long trunk that looks a lot like a human arm. Dunk are known for how easy it is to train them and how much they like to please their owners. Dunks are naturally calm creatures.

Entity 13: Transporters

Transporters are tall, dark, floating people who are also called “Grabbers.” After Level 3, they can show up anywhere, and there are more of them as you go deeper into the Backrooms. When you get to a T-junction in the hallways, they pop up.

Entity 14: Reviooks

Reviooks are creatures that live in the Backrooms, most often on Levels 5 and 7. They have a lot of legs and can burrow into the ground. These animals should be thought of as very dangerous.

Backrooms Entities

Entity 15: Wretches

Wretches are beings that look like humans and often act like undead or zombies. Once human, these beings changed through a process that isn’t well understood but is thought to have been caused by a lack of food, water, and sleep. Wretches are common in the Backrooms. Because of how they are, they live in the shadows where people hang out.

Entity 16: Nguithr’xurhs

A Nguithr’xurh is a big creature that looks like a spider and has 16 legs. Even though it is very dangerous to get close to one, they are slow and don’t seem to chase down their prey. As long as you don’t fall into their traps, they are pretty safe.

Entity 17: Crawlers

Crawlers are people who have been infected by a certain species of fungus that is a bit strange. This fungus grows very quickly and causes a lot of infections on many different levels. So, Crawlers are a very active threat in the Backrooms because of this.

Entity 18: The gentleman of level 5 (Beast)

The head of a cephalopod is shaped like a very tall person. This guy usually hangs out on level 5, and the best thing about him is that he can hide.

Entity 22: Warning Kites

Entity 22, also called “Warning Kites,” is a group of kites that look like they were made by children. Each kite varies in size and design. Entity 22 can’t be seen or appear without a reason. When a Wanderer is about to be in danger, Entity 22 will warn the Wanderer.

Entity 23: Unapproachable Horse

Entity 23 looks like a dark brown horse, but it’s not known if it’s male or female or how old it is. The entity has been seen on many levels, but it is most often seen on levels that look like natural spaces, like forests and fields.

Entity 24: Death Rats

Death Rats are Entities that can be found in the Backrooms on different Levels. Depending on the level, each population is different (Example: There is a species of Death Rat that is hairless to better cope with the hot temperature of Level 2). They seem to have lived in the Backrooms for a long time. At first, they were just normal rats, but over time, they changed to better fit their environment.

Entity 25: Plague Goblins

Plague Goblins are small, sneaky, feline-avian creatures that move around the Backrooms. They got their name because they look like medieval plague doctors. They hunt in groups and are usually shy and harmless, but they can be a big problem for explorers, especially those who are on their own.

Entity 27: Athenian Ducks

Entity 27 is usually found on Level 302, and it looks almost exactly like a normal Frontrooms Pekin Duck. It has wide yellow bills and white feathers.

Entity 29: Little killers

Little Killer usually hunts down a person with a small group of its own kind. These groups don’t stay together for long. After killing their prey, they often just break up. There doesn’t appear to be a clear leader in the group, either.

Entity 30: Lurkers

Lurkers are just two glowing eyes with different colors and a thick black fog around them. Lurkers are very similar to Smilers and might even be related to them. Like Smilers, you can only see them in the dark, but instead of staying in dark places, a dark fog follows them around, giving them the freedom to go anywhere.

Entity 31: Sliders

A creature that looks like a round mouth sticking out of the wall. Most of the time, they sit on levels 1, 2, and 3. They look like slides you’ve seen before.

Entity 33: Counter Entity

Counter Entities are aggressive industrial-looking humanoids made of steel plates, industrial machine parts, Kevlar used in bulletproof vests, and metallic substances.

Entity 34: Delusion

If you stay in the Backrooms for a long time, you might start to see things that aren’t there. This is called a delusion. They are shadowy figures that rush at people and hurt them emotionally or mentally.

Delusions are immaterial, which means you can’t touch them or do anything with them. But there have been reports of them using their tentacles to touch things.

Entity 35: Light Guides

Light Guides are infinitesimally small points that give off light and look like orbs, just like singularities. They are hard to find, but when you do, they can help you find supplies and stay away from dangerous things.

Entity 36: Cannibal Cousins

Entity 36, which is more commonly called “Cannibal Cuisine,” is a strange type of vending machine that can be found in the Backrooms.

About 6 feet tall, 4 feet wide, and 2.5 feet deep, a Cannibal Cuisine. Often, they try to copy the look of other Frontrooms brands.

Entity 38: Eyes

In the Backrooms, there are golf-ball-sized 2-dimensional things that are moving around. It only shows up for a second and then goes away.

Entity 39: Parsitineth

Entity 39 is a parasite that looks like a common earthworm (Lumbricus terrestris). It lives in the back rooms of most nature-based levels, but there aren’t many of them in most levels. The worms look a lot like the common earthworm (Humbricus terrestris), but there are many differences. The most noticeable difference is the pattern on most Parsitineth Worms, which changes depending on what level they are on.

Entity 40: Corrosive Soap

It is on the backrooms’ “aquatic level.” This looks like an actual soap bubble. It is extremely dangerous and full of predators.

Backrooms Entities

Entity 41: The Artist

The Artist is a teenage girl with brown hair and eyes that seem to change color from blue to hazel to green. She is about average height. She has purple pajamas and glasses.

Entity 44: Gossip Beacons

These entities should be avoided. They don’t and can’t hurt people physically, but they can hurt people psychologically. Gossip Beacons are mineral structures with an LED light built into them.

Entity 45: Chupavidas

Entity 45, also called “Chupavidas,” is a trick that looks like a group of ghostly humanoid figures sitting around a bonfire. This, however, is just a trick made to attract wanderers who travel alone so that they can eat them.

Entity 46: Faultcrawlers

Faultcrawlers are small creatures that look like centipedes but have long jaws like those of stag beetles. Most of the time, they are seen in small groups near large patches of mold, but they have also been spotted hiding near places where more dangerous things are.

Entity 47: Stranglers

Stranglers only seem to hunt during “blackouts,” when all the lights on Level 58.1 go out. They sneak through the dark room and feel for anything that might be alive. Then, they find something to kill, whether it’s one of their own kind or not. When the lights go out, there are numerous dead bodies of these creatures scattered across the level’s floor. Several of these things have been seen eating the bodies of other Stranglers when the lights come on, so it seems like they eat each other. When the lights come back on, all the stray dogs run to their “dens,” which are dark places where they can hide until the next blackout.

Entity 48: Aiden

This Entity looks like a white male security guard with a mall security uniform and a security camera for a head. It seems to be passive and will even tell you where to go if you ask. If you ask him what his name is, he tells you “Aiden.”

Entity 49: Combine

A combine is a group of people that work together to look like a flesh-colored centipede. Its “back” is covered with black, hair-like fur that is 5 cm long. Combines have two-jointed legs that look like human fingers. The “nail” of each finger is a photoreceptor covered in chitin that can also be used as a nose.

Entity 50: The Numbed Man

It’s best to know as little as possible about the Numbed man, as the more you tell him about yourself, the more he will know. He’s aware of your vulnerabilities and is ready to exploit them at will.

Entity 52: Archravens

Archravens are big birds that look and act a lot like corvids. 1 These things stand out because they have two sets of eyes, wings, and a sharply serrated beak. Adult Archravens are about 3 feet tall, have wingspans of about 5’6 feet to 3’6 feet (1.7 meters to 1.1 meters), and eat everything.

Entity 53: The crawlspace creature

The Crawlspace Creature is a creature that looks a bit like a human and is about 7 feet tall. It walks on its short back legs when it doesn’t smell food nearby.

Entity 54: Grawlix

Grawlix is a friendly but mischievous creature that is known to follow and play with any wanderer it meets. This thing does try to help wanderers who are in danger by trying to lead them to a safer area or level.

Entity 55: Acasthasia

A very dangerous thing that will eventually kill you. The blood of the Acasthasia gets into the blood of the wanderers and starts spreading through their pores and bloodstream.

Entity 57: Tiletraps

Tiletraps are mostly calm and spend most of their time buried inside ceramic tiles. They are sparked by the slight anxiety that comes from judging yourself or someone else as a loser in the “Tile Game”1. They only go after the people who “lose” the game.

Entity 60: The Replicants

Replicants are a type of mechanical Entity that can be found in all Backrooms levels with humans, though they aren’t always there. They have a body that looks like a human’s, with two pairs of metal limbs that look like arms and legs but are actually thin metal bones.

Entity 61: Coconut Snares

Coconut snares are the only native creatures on Level 149. They are aggressive fruit-eating rodents that hide in coconut shells. They get most of their food from the coconuts on Level 149. Coconut Snares eat coconut meat and drink coconut milk.

Backrooms Entities

Entity 62: Clinker Toys

Entity 62 look like zombie corpses with clockwork equipment attached to different parts of their bodies. Clinker Toys can look and look like different things, but they all work the same way.

Entity 63: The Mangled

The Mangled is a big, very tall Entity that walks around Level 9. These creatures have long legs and look a lot like spiders, but their heads and faces are more human-like.

Entity 64: Wallpaper Wrath

Entity 64, also known as Wallpaper Wraiths, are massive slug-like creatures that use a red slimy substance to adhere to walls and ceilings. When they are hunting, they can blend in with the color and pattern of the ceilings. They get their name from their ability to move around on the ceiling by climbing on walls.

Entity 65: Moley Comedy Club & Bar

Moley’s Comedy Club & Bar is a small bar that is run by two people, Moley and Mickey, who are seen as extensions of the bar itself.

Entity 66: Shocker Ghoul

Shocker ghuls are made by fusing host1 with Shocker on Level 89. Shocker Ghul will resemble the host it was fused with as a result of this combination.

Backrooms Entities

Entity 69: The Red Colony

The Red Colony lives in the jungle on Level 37. It seems that the high humidity keeps them alive the best. The Red Colony” is a term for all of the ants in it as a group.

Backrooms Entities

Entity 70: Parasitic Paint

Habitat: Most commonly at levels 4 and 7, but it has appeared elsewhere. Entity 70, which is also called “Parasitic Paint,” is a strange kind of paint that spreads along the walls of a level. We don’t know what this paint is made of right now.

Backrooms Entities

Entity 71: The wandering Static

The Wandering Static is a very large skeletal humanoid that lives in Level 131 of the hive mind of TVs.

Backrooms Entities

Entity 72: The Red kins

Entities that only show up in level 196 are the Red Kins. The Red Kins live forever and can be found on the upper floors. One of the things that is the most dangerous and unpredictable in Backrooms Entities.

Backrooms Entities

Entity 74: Argos

The Entity 74 “Argos” hasn’t been seen by any M.E.G. operatives who are still alive, and the only people who had direct proof of his existence have disappeared, along with the proof. The information presented here comes from different files that mention this mythical figure, so it should be noted that this entity may be overestimated or underestimated.

Backrooms Entities

Entity 75: Wranglers

Wranglers look like snakes and use their bodies to confuse and distract their prey in a way that is almost hypnotic. Most of the time, these Entities can be found in caves on Level -6, Level -4.1, and Level 8.

Backrooms Entities

Entity 76: Rober J Quack

Robert J. Quack is a rubber duck that is 2 inches tall and wears a black tuxedo. The duck is in general bad shape. It’s so old that if you squeeze it, you won’t hear anything.

Backrooms Entities

Entity 77: The Dreamweavers

The Dreamweaver is a non-physical entity that you can find while dreaming in The Backrooms or while looking for the Dreamcatcher. This Entity is a watcher and doesn’t act hostilely, but it can interact with your dreams in other ways through a number of passive abilities.

Backrooms Entities

Entity 78: Allure

Entity 78 is a humanoid creature that wanders around Level 41 without caring about anything else. Some have been seen trying to attack it, but an invisible force field keeps them from doing so. This thing has only been seen on Level 41, so it is thought to be unique to that level in Backrooms Entities.

Backrooms Entities

Entity 82: Koko

Backrooms Robotics made Koko, a very smart AI, with the sole purpose of trying to get private information from The M.E.G. Database. The AI in question wasn’t built to be an AI.

Backrooms Entities

Entity 83: The Hermit

The Hermit is a wandering, humanoid creature whose history is unknown. It carries a small house on its back that is about the size of a trailer. The shack is made of something no one has ever seen before, but it has the same qualities as tin sheets, rotten wood, and dried bone.

Backrooms Entities

Entity 84: King Rasputin Bartholemew III

A big, hairy dog that wanders the levels of the Backrooms. The most special thing is when the dog is the same as the people in the backrooms. Entity number 84 is wearing the red collar around its neck in Backrooms Entities.

Backrooms Entities

Entity 85: Paralies

This Entity is a parasite that looks like a snake, like a Garter Snake. It is a very tiny thing. This Entity has strong psychic powers that allow it to control your mind and make you lie every time an important sentence is said. It does this to lure people into traps. This happens when the Entity sees you and then sneaks up on you quietly.

Backrooms Entities

Entity 86: Jess

Jess is a Ranitomeya reticulatus species small frog. She likes to be on the wet parts of Level 9 and Level 11 most of the time. She is usually very attentive, and if you need help dealing with an entity, she can help you. You should only go to her if you need help or if there is an emergency. If not, you should only visit Jess to make friends with her.

Backrooms Entities

Entity 88: Hiveminds

Hiveminds are organisms that look like plants. Hiveminds started on Level 4 and spread to Level 8 on February 1, 2020. They look like a cross between a reptile and an embryophyte. Hiveminds are about the size and shape of a pear. They look like spiders, but their six legs are more like roots, and their “heads” are very long. Their brains are almost as big as the rest of their bodies, even though their heads are very simple. They don’t have eyes. Instead, a very light pink membrane wraps around their whole head and seems to react to light, making it look like they have one larger eye.

Backrooms Entities

Entity 89: Ants

Ants are a group of small, fuzzy, round creatures that only seem to like to hang out in dark places. Ants were first reported to the M.E.G. from Level 1. Since then, they have been seen on Level 102, Level 196, and Level 401. They don’t seem to have a set way of moving from one level to the next. Instead, they move whenever they feel like it.

Backrooms Entities

Even though they can hurt people in some ways, they are not really a threat to us.

Entity 91: Mr. Freeman

“Mr. Freeman” seems to be a Caucasian man of average height with short grey hair and a receding hairline. He always wears a tweed suit and glasses with wire frames. Even though Mr. Freeman is only known to be on Level 117, he has been seen on several other floors, but this is not confirmed. Some people say there are more than one Mr. Freemans who look the same. These rumors have not been proven true.

Backrooms Entities

Entity 94: Clickers

Nightstalkers look like blank humanoids made of a gooey and rubbery black material. They fake their faces even though they can see, feel, and make sounds with their vocal cords. Nightstalkers are creatures that only live on Level 9 and nothing else. They are always mean to people, but they can’t do much because they can’t reproduce. This makes them a less serious threat. Nightstalkers can still do a lot of damage, so you should still be careful if you are on their property.

Backrooms Entities

Clickers are just typewriters on wheels. Nobody has been able to figure out what kind of typewriter it is, though, because it is too heavy to stop and look at more closely.

Entity 95: Reality Bugs

Entity 95, also called Reality Bugs, are small, iridescent animals that look a lot like the Hercules beetle (Dynastes hercules), a species of rhinoceros beetle that lives in the rainforests of Central America, South America, and the Lesser Antilles. Even without their horns, the largest ones that were measured were seven (7) centimeters long in Backrooms Entities.

Backrooms Entities

Entity 96: The Neighborhood Watch

The neighborhood watch consists of a race of creatures with humanoid eyes. Getting rid of any stragglers on Level 9 is their top priority. These things are violently antagonistic and will attack if they see you. We run into them frequently. If you can manage to avoid being seen by them, that’s great. Watchers, joggers, and swimmers make up the three groups that make up The Neighborhood Watch.

Backrooms Entities

Entity 97: Screams Eaters

The Scream Eater is a humanoid monster having some resemblance to the ghosts of the Frontrooms’ lore. Their entire bodies are constructed of Liquid Silence, with no other material used. They are lonely beings that can go without food for years at a time while wandering aimlessly.

Backrooms Entities

Entity 98: The Dollmaker

The Entity appears as a cloth and thread humanoid, dressed in a long black Victorian gown with sleeves that stretch out to envelop the entire Level. Entity 98 can be identified by the luminous cyan threads that decorate its skin and garments in Backrooms Entities.

Backrooms Entities

Entity 99: The Game Master

The Game Master lives on Level 389 of The Backrooms. It is a very powerful and cruel being. Within the limits of this level, she can do anything and be anywhere. Here, she forces people to play strange games with her so that they will fail. She will often try to cheat, but if she gets caught, she will be forced to stop. She looks like a small jester puppet in a blue and yellow dress, but she can change her look whenever she wants. The Game Master can get out of Level 389 if she can take enough failures, but she is much weaker outside of it.

Backrooms Entities


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