Shrek Super Slam Tier List (April 2024)

Shrek Super Slam Tier List 2024: In the incredible 3D multiplayer combat game Shrek Superslam, players control two to four battling characters that compete throughout a variety of arenas in an effort to score hits and build up the power of a slam assault. It’s possible to rack up points by repeatedly (and imaginatively) wrecking the arena by using “Slams” on other combatants and knocking them out. Whoever has the most “slam” points when the round is over is the winner. The following table displays the Shrek Super Slam Tier List.

Shrek Super Slam Tier List

Shrek Super Slam Tier List (April 2024)

Based on their mobility, slam assault, and air attack, the characters of Shrek super slam will be ranked in one of five tiers. So the drongos can go back to sleep, let’s get to the list of rankings.

The criteria used to create this ranking come directly from our own time spent playing the game. How we ranked the characters based on their attacks, movements, speed, agility, mobility, and power determined their final order. This page is not set in stone, and its contents are subject to change.

Shrek Super Slam S Tier List (April 2024)

Only the game’s most powerful characters are allowed at the S-tier. These are the heroes that see the most action at the highest competitive levels, and they are generally quite powerful in most situations. These are the personalities you need to master if you want to compete.

Prince CharmingS- Tier
AnthraxS- Tier
DronkeyS- Tier
Gingerbread ManS- Tier
LunaS- Tier

Shrek Super Slam A Tier List

Characters of all kinds can be found in the A-tier. The characters in this tier aren’t as powerful as those in the S tier, but they’re all playable at a high level, albeit with more granular strengths and weaknesses in specific matchups. If you want to main a specific character or are just seeking to check out a new one, the A tier is a fantastic spot to do so.

G-NomeA- Tier
FionaA- Tier
Fiona OgreA- Tier
Robin HoodA- Tier
Huff N’ Puff WolfA- Tier

Shrek Super Slam B Tier List

Some of the game’s weaker characters begin to appear at the B tier. These characters are rarely employed in competitive play since they have a hard time keeping up with the rest of the cast. The B tier is a great place to start if you’re new to the game or just want to find a character you can have some fun with.

Puss in BootsB-Tier
Captain HookB-Tier
Black KnightB-Tier
Humpty DumptyB-Tier

Shrek Super Slam C Tier List

Those characters who are generally agreed to be the worst in the game can be found in the C tier. These heroes struggle against the vast majority of the cast and only shine in a small handful of matchups. The C tier is a fantastic place to look if you want a challenge or just want to play a character who is not utilised very often.

Black KnightC-List
Fiona ogreC-List

Shrek SuperSlam D Tier List

The worst of the worst. Their slam attacks don’t work at all, and sometimes they can’t even use them because they aren’t very mobile or agile. They don’t get to use their powers because they lose before they can.

Humpty DumptyD-Tier
Puss in BootsD-Tier

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Shrek Super Slam tier list?

The ranking system in Shrek Super Slam is a tier system hierarchy. Which is used to decipher the game’s alphabet and determine which player character has a higher chance of winning. The distribution of letters is based on these strengths and weaknesses. Members of these top lists have a solid grasp of the written material.

Which position is the highest on the Shrek Super Slam tier list?

The S tier list is at the top of the character tier list for Shrek Super Slam. Which list is more important? All of the characters on this list are powerful and strong. If you choose them, you might do well in the game if you do.

Why should I look at the tier list for the Shrek Super Slam?

You can learn a lot about the game’s characters by looking over the Shrek Super Slam level guide. Because this list specifies for each letter how well or poorly it performs in the game. If you can read this list, you’ll be able to select the victorious character.

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You should find this Shrek Super Slam List to be quite helpful, I believe. Based on our gaming experience, we’ve compiled a tier list for Shrek Super Slam, however we recognise that not everyone will agree with our choices. Before diving into Shrek Super Slam, players should at least familiarise themselves with the game’s recommended starting tiers.

Here is the hierarchy of the Shrek Super Slam. You’ll have a great time perusing this list, and you’ll learn a lot about the various types of characters featured in the Shrek Super Slam. Familiarity with these personalities will greatly improve your gaming experience.

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