How to Get Dead Messenger In Destiny 2

How to Get Dead Messenger: Destiny 2 Season of the Risen introduced a new Exotic Grenade Launcher called the Dead Messenger. This weapon belongs to the Wave Frame archetype, which is quite rare, and it sets itself apart from others in its category by releasing three waves of energy instead of just one. This unique feature allows it to deal heavy damage to large groups of enemies. Additionally players can switch between different elements to match the enemies shields and deal even more damage.

how to get dead messenger

How to Get Dead Messenger Destiny 2

To obtain Dead Messenger, you need to follow these steps:

  • Play through the Witch Queen campaign until you complete The Investigation mission.
  • Finish the Rising Tension quest.
  • Complete the first seven steps of Operation Elbrus, which will unlock the Kill the Messenger quest.
  • Finally, complete the Vox Obscura mission.

Be mindful that Vox Obscura missions can be particularly demanding, so levelling up before taking on one may be required for optimal success.

Is it worth it to get the Dead Messenger?

Before embarking on your quest to obtain one, it may be tempting to question if the Dead Messenger is worth all your effort and dedication. We can assure you it is indeed an essential weapon!

The Dead Messenger Grenade Launcher is an exotic variant featuring The Fundamentals Trait that allows for you to switch its Energy type by holding down on its Reload Button. Think of this weapon as an upgraded Wave Frame Grenade Launcher but with added Trinary Vision Intrinsic Traits firing three waves simultaneously at once!

With these two benefits combined, the Dead Messenger becomes an extremely flexible Grenade Launcher capable of combatting all manner of foes from short to medium distances and adapting quickly to different shield types.

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