4 Best Grenade Spots Dust 2 (2024) Latest Update

Best Grenade Spots Dust 2: Since its inception in 2012, CS: GO has been evolved and tweaked into a completely new game while maintaining the essential concepts.

While the primary mechanics of CS: GO are controlled by the precision and decision-making of when and where to take gunfights on a map, the grenades employed in the game are one of the most essential facilitators of those mechanics.

The Dust 2 map is a direct descendent of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive’s Dust map. Dust 2 was designed as a more improved and revamped version of its predecessor when Counter-Strike 1.6 was still in use. It quickly became the most popular map online and is now one of the most popular maps among first-person shooter fans all over the world.

In the CS:GO map Dust 2, where are the best places to throw grenades?

Some of the most popular grenade lineups in Dust 2 have been updated since the game’s makeover in 2017. We’ll go through the top five grenade positions on the Dust 2 map in CS:GO in this article. If you time your grenades correctly, you’ll win more matches and eliminate more foes at these five locations.

Best Grenade Spots Dust 2
Best Grenade Spots Dust 2

1. Mid to B smoke

If a player in CS:GO decides to visit Bombsite B behind the overhanging arch, there will always be players waiting to greet them with shots from both B and CT Spawn. To eliminate the possibility of being shot by CT Spawn, the players must first leap onto the pallet, then onto the box.

 T Spawn to A Short smoke

2. T Spawn to A Short smoke

In order to cross the A Short on Dust 2 map in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, players must first smoke off the catwalk so that the opposing players do not get a whiff of the players passing by. To do so, the players must first get into the posture depicted in the illustration below.

The CS:GO player must then align the crosshair as seen in this image and perform a jump throw to effectively block the enemy’s vision.

4 Best Grenade Spots Dust 2 (2024) Latest Update

3. New Car molly

The new car location has been notoriously utilised by players since the update of Dust in CS: GO, as it provides subtle cover where players arriving from A Long cannot see the player.

4 Best Grenade Spots Dust 2 (2024) Latest Update

One of the most critical things to do before seizing or retaking Bombsite A is to clear up this position. By lining up a Molotov or explosive grenade from A Long, it can be easily cleared.

If a CS:GO player stands on the long barrel and tosses a Molotov cocktail into the new car position, they can easily flush out the hidden player. All the player has to do is jump and toss the Molotov, then sit back and watch it work its magic.

4. Smoking off CT cross

Terrorists must still cross the CT (counter-terrorist) spawn to gain access to the A Site, even if they win control of A Long. While running the distance is possible, it is highly risky. Anyone holding the angle from CT Spawn has a wide-angle view, allowing them to catch any passerby crossing the street.

To secure the cross, a player just has to stand beside the barrels and throw a running smoke, as demonstrated in the video.

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