Is DayZ Cross Platform 2024? Crossplay Xbox, PC & Playstation

Are You Wondering If DayZ is Cross-Platform Compatible? DayZ is an extremely popular survival video game from Bohemia Interactive that has seen unprecedented popularity since its release in 2018. Player love DayZ due to its realistic gameplay and realistic approach but one question often asked by players is if it can cross platform compatible we will discuss everything related to cross-platform compatibility of DayZ in this article and its features.

What is DayZ?

DayZ is a post apocalyptic survival video game set among an infested world filled with zombies. The goal is to simulate real life survival situation where players must seek food, water and shelter while dodging zombies or player who may try to kill them DayZ also allow players to interact in game so that everyone work together toward mutual survival effort.

Is DayZ Cross-Platform?

Platforms Compatiblity for DayZ

DayZ was first released for Microsoft Windows in 2018 before expanding to other platform such as PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Unfortunately however not every platform supports DayZ, prompting concerns over cross-platform compatibility and availability issues.

Is DayZ Cross-Platform?

DayZ is compatible with both Xbox and PC players but not PlayStation players. This means if a person playing DayZ on Xbox they may join forces with friends who are also playing PC version but cannot team up with those playing PlayStation version. This is happening because Xbox and Pc version developed by same developer but playstation version was developed by different developer.


DayZ is currently cross-platform between Xbox and PC players but not PlayStation players. This means if you are playing on either platform you can join up with friends who use that same platform but cannot join those using PlayStation simultaneously. Cross-platform play has its advantages but should also be mindfully considered when playing together with friends.

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