DayZ Update 1.51 brings a raft of fixes and a Host wipe 2024

dayz update: We are excited to announce that match upgrade 1.51 has been released! Before we dive into the contents of this upgrade, we’d love to have some time to thank everybody on PC for engaging in the experimental stage. This upgrade offers lots of changes from the sport, along with your comments during the experimental stage was very significant to us. If you consider a comprehensive rundown of the changes we made, go on over to the changelog forum articles (Link below). And should you experience any problems, we would like it to tell us through the Feedback Tracker. Now let us take a peek at what has been added and changed!

dayz update 1.12 brings a raft of fixes and a Host wipe 2024
dayz update 1.51

DayZ only got its first upgrade of 2024 from the kind of patch 1.51. Also, since Bohemia Interactive cautioned back in March, it entails a whole wipe to official servers and character development. So if you don’t generally stick to neighborhood servers where the wipe isn’t compulsory, a new dawn has come into the gloomy zombie apocalypse.

The dayz update is centered mainly on bug fixes and stability, even though there are a few neat treats for its committed, like the SVAL”badass” rifle that will now predominate at helicopter websites Chernarus and Livonia. Additionally, there are brand new hints for the winners of this match’s recent foundation construction competition.

dayz update 1.46 brings a raft of fixes and a Host wipe 2024

However, the repairs would be the priority, together with few noteworthy changes being to crash. Infected will no more clip in and out of the player personality during close-quarters battle, and leaving cars will no longer set the participant in danger of teleporting on the car’s roof. “It was fixed, and your toes stay exactly where you would expect them to be later leaving your car or truck,” reads the upgrade article.

Fireplaces are tweaked: they are less harmful (“players must no longer get damaged when going from this region”), and you’ll no longer have to stand close to have the most heating incentive Storage Server.

While the upgrade article linked above provides a good summary, there is also an exhaustive changelog over here if you are into the granular details. It is a beautiful mixture of useful-to-know (“the participant can’t dance with a busted leg”), funny (“it had been possible to light a fireplace submerged occasionally”), and surreal (“it had been possible to put objects on the interior furniture of buildings occasionally”).


Throughout the regions of Chernarus and Livonia, derelict trains will randomly appear.

  • M79 grenade launcher
  • 40mm grenade launcher ammo
  • Derringer pistol
  • Revolver That’s Been Sawn Off
  • Blaze’s head was sawn off.
  • Explosive material that can be fabricated in the field (IED)
  • Plastic Explosive
  • Mine called a Claymore
  • Unit for Detonation via Remote Control
  • PO-X Vial
  • Fireworks Launcher
  • Armbands that may be crafted from flags
  • Gas Canisters erupt upon demolition
  • Optional sensitivity adjustments for the controller are available.
  • Credits for the game

DayZ Update 1.51 Patch Notes | DayZ Update 1.20 Hotfix 4 Patch Notes

Console Stable 1.20 Update 5 – Version 1.20.155981 (Released on 28.03.2024)


  • Kick messages were visible on the server below public light.
  • Gamers with servers weren’t correctly displayed on the server.
  • Xbox: Contained a recreation crash to access password.
  • Xbox: Characters didn’t seem correctly identified in gamer tags used.
  • Xbox: After returning to its suspended recreation, no disconnect message was displayed.
  • Switching profiles within Constrained mode did not alter the profile session.
  • PCS: If you do not enter the principle console through one browser, there could potentially be a crash.


It was impossible to use force to unlock the doors of numerous different constructions.

Building collisions that might be exploited have been adjusted ( – private).

When Gunter and Olga drove their car without a radiator, the spark plug was damaged far sooner than it should have been.

When the tripod was detached, the opening for the cooking utensils was visible.

After exiting a vehicle, the “killed players and animals” widget did not appear (

When the heads-up display was turned off, the stamina indication was not shown in the inventory (

After turning off the heads-up display (HUD), players were unable to turn it back on when they entered the pause menu (

  • A vulnerability that was connected to fireplaces has been fixed.
  • When stones were left as the last attachment of a fireplace, they were not shown in the correct manner.
  • The direction the camera was pointing determined which melee attack direction was used.
  • When removing a corpse from a car, the incorrect wording was shown on the screen.
  • The CR-550 magazine was not accurately representing the level of the weapon’s damage.
  • When in prone position, the CR-550’s dry fire did not produce any audible noises.
  • The sound of the revolver firing dry rounds was absent.
  • After the mine was disarmed, it was no longer present.

The detonation of land mines that had been damaged by gunfire was prevented (

Even after the cooking process was complete, the machine continued to make the sound of roasting meat.

Any attempt to light a damp fire in the fireplace will result in the sound of burning.

When the fire was going, the fireplace was missing some of the particles.

To bring food to a boil using gasoline was feasible. (

In certain circumstances, animations might not play properly while changing from an upright to a prone position while charging a throw.

Burning did not result in the correct transformation of the materials in brooms.

  • It was feasible to fashion the makeshift spear even though there was food still connected to the stick.
  • It is possible for the ticking sound of the alarm clock to get out of sync if the process of setting the alarm is stopped.
  • The tab selection on the instructional screen incorrectly displayed the console’s control panel.
  • The symbol of the Long Torch in the inventory was shortened.
  • Fixed multiple instances of character heads and their headwear colliding with one another
  • It was not difficult at all to get disoriented in the winding staircases of the watchtower.
  • Modifications were made to the rag cover garments in order to minimise clipping with other pieces of clothing.
  • It seems that the 1PN51 night-vision scope was attached to the Bizon when it spawned (

The various spears have received texture improvements.

  • Unnatural jerkiness would appear in the animation whenever a firearm was drawn from its holster.
  • There was a bug that stopped military infected from spawning with EGD-5 grenades, and it has been fixed.
  • When the infected skater was knocked in the head, a metallic sound could be heard.
  • It seemed as if the bus accident model was floating in midair (
  • When roasting meat over flames, the stick was handled incorrectly and caused problems (
  • It was possible to detonate grenades without making any noise ( – private, – private).
  • When a character who had been injured took them into their hands, the items would float.
  • It’s possible that reloading while the game is frozen can cause animations to glitch.
  • Several problems that might cause skipping of animations have been fixed.
  • When jumping while holding two-handed weapons, your arms may get stretched out.
  • The length of time needed to cook in the oven varied depending on the cooking slot you used (
  • After being exposed to many flash bangs in rapid succession, the character would ultimately become immune to their effects.
  • In the main menu, the proper ownership of the Livonia downloadable content was not represented.
  • After restarting the game, all changes made to the control scheme were lost (
  • Correction made to an animation flaw that occurred while going prone.
  • During the growth phases, the plants did not produce their name widget.
  • After the fire was out, brooms will regain their previous level of health (
  • When baked using fat, food is reduced in amount.
  • The amount of food was not diminished when it was grilled on a stick.
  • When the tide goes out, the ocean water evaporates. – PlayStation
  • Removed a button that incorrectly showed “Choose Account” on the PlayStation


Enhanced resilience of basic building structures to the effects of explosives

The smoking process will now cause putrid flesh to catch fire.

The screwdriver may now be used to remove the skin off chickens, rabbits, carps, and mackerels that have passed away.

Handheld and Field Transceiver weights have been decreased (

Reduced the available quantity of binoculars in stock from 3×3 to 2×2

The bloodletting stick made of sharpened wood may now be used against targets.

Reduced by half the amount that cooking equipment takes in damage while it is being used (

The Keybinding menu now features inputs that are separated into a few different categories, making it much simpler to explore (PC)

To lessen the amount of clipping that occurred with the character, the locations of the guns in the shoulder slots were adjusted.

It is no longer possible for animations of character symptoms to clash with those of other animations.

We have modified today’s compass so that it is easier to read in bright sunshine.

Armbands modelled on raincoats have had their colours altered.

Even while using the mouse and keyboard, the controller sensitivity choices may now be shown (

During periods of unconsciousness, the “Restart” button has been renamed the “Respawn” button.


cfgeventgroups.xml was added so that you may declare the groups of objects that will be generated by dynamic events.

Added: The server is now able to create hundreds of static environment objects thanks to a new config class for such items.

Added the “deloot” element to the events.xml child> tag in order to set the desired amount of dynamic event loot for a child rather than the default value.

The “spawnsecondary” property has been added to the events.xml child> element in order to designate whether or not the child should be responsible for generating the secondary infected event.

Added a warning message in cases when a definition in the types.xml file will be disregarded.

Validation and warning messages for the establishment of additional dynamic events have been added.

Included: The ability to launch “dispatch” from proto XMLs is now supported by Dynamic Events

“dispatch” and its children, “proxy,” from proto XMLs now have an extra element called “dechance.” This parameter is a float number that ranges from 0-1 and determines the chance of spawning at a dynamic event.

The enableDebug window was not shown in its whole at some resolutions; this issue has been fixed.

Fixed a bug in which random loot generated by dynamic events might remain after the server was restarted.

An issue that often occurred during connection that resulted in the Connecting Failed 0x00020009 message has been fixed ( – private).

Fixed: In the types.xml file, the SharpWoodenStick has been renamed to the SharpLongWoodenStick.

Adaptation: When the game is unable to locate the planet, it will now display an error message and exit.


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