Baxcalibur: How to Get Baxcalibur In Pokemon Scarlet & Violet?

Baxcalibur: Pokemon Scarlet & Violet recently introduced an unusual creature known as Baxcalibur that recalls Godzilla; classified in-game as Dragon/Ice type, many trainers have found difficulty tracking down this monster within the game – if this guide can assist your efforts!

About: Baxcalibur

Baxcalibur an Arachnodon-esque creature in Pokemon universe features predominantly navy blue body with hexagon-shaped patches of ice on chest, kneecaps, tail and foot; also featuring square light blue patches underneath its feet and three sharp white claws per arm and foot and three red quills protrusion from each wrist; Baxcalibur also sports an icy mask which has spiked upward on its snout and downward on chin icicles excepting only yellow eyes which remain free additionally this creature resembling an axe is covered in black coated in ice coating thus further distinguishing themselves from other creatures found throughout Pokemon universe lore!


Origin of Baxcalibur

Baxcalibur seems to draw inspiration from various sources, including kaiju (giant monsters), certain dinosaur species and prehistoric animals. Its upright posture may allude to how humanoid forms have traditionally been depicted by actors wearing suits while playing these roles on film.

Baxcalibur shares many similarities with Concavenator, an extinct theropod dinosaur with a backward-pointing crest and quills on each forelimb that could help it regulate thermoregulation. Spinosaurus, Ouranosaurus, Arizonasaurus and Dimetrodon could have provided further inspiration for Baxcalibur’s design; all four had sail-like structures on their backs which may have served as models.

Furthermore, Baxcalibur may reference plates on stegosaurid backs when evolving at level 54 – perhaps this was meant as an homage to Godzilla since its first movie premiered 54 years prior!

Baxcalibur: Base Stats

Sp. Atk75
Sp. Def86

How to Get Baxcalibur Pokemon Scarlet & Violet?

To be straightforward, we must inform you that Baxcalibur cannot be located in Paldea. It’s true; your attempts to find Baxcalibur in Pokemon SV will be fruitless. The only way to acquire the ‘Ice Dragon Pokemon’ is by evolving Artcibax in the game. However, before doing so, you must first locate its base form – Frigibax.

  • Capturing Frigibax in Pokemon SV is not an easy feat. This ‘Ice Fin’ Pokemon can only be found in one location, which we will detail for you:
  • To reach Glaseado Mountain area from Naranja Academy at Mesagoza, head north until you see Poke Stop symbol on map indicating its position.
  • From there, continue along the western side of the mountain until reaching grasslands – this will lead to your entrance into a cave; we have marked it on our map below for your reference.
  • As soon as you enter the cave, you’ll discover an assortment of rare pocket monsters, including Frigibax. One Ultra Ball should suffice in order to capture this rare pocket monster.

How to Evolve Baxcalibur

Once Frigibax reaches Level 35, he or she undergoes a transformation into Arctibax; when Level 54 arrives, Arctibax evolves further to become Baxcalibur!

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