How to Change Player In Wild Hearts Change Appearance ?

Change Player Appearance In Wild Hearts: Modern RPGs like Wild Hearts provide players with the option of editing the physical appearance of player characters even after initial creation. At an early point in gameplay, Mujina will act as the gateway into character creation menu and help facilitate this feature. Wild Hearts’ extensive character customization system lets players change practically every aspect of their character’s look, giving them nearly unlimited options. As players progress in the game they may tire of their character design or desire something different; continue reading our guide and discover which item(s) will allow for this change and learn its criteria of unlocking it!

How to Change Player Appearance In Wild Hearts?

Wild Hearts’ alter appearance feature can be associated with certain items. One such mirror, known as the Looking Glass in Wild Hearts is used as part of Dragon Karakuri and requires players to unlock with Kemono Orbs earned during gameplay.

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Dragon Karakuri are generally designed with specific uses in mind and not meant for combat use, though their construction does not require material resources or any specific elemental type in Dragon Pits. Players are free to build as many within each elemental type’s limits in Dragon Pits; players with access to water-type dragon Karakuris such as The Looking Glass require substantial Dragon Pit resources due to being water type and can only be placed safely (indicated by tent icons in its lower right) which include almost every Camp location – most players prefer building it there as most.

How Do I Unlock and Use the Looking Glass?

To customize the appearance of your character in game, the Looking Glass Karakuri provides the solution. To unlock it, head into the map menu and click Karakuri tab; to find this accessory move down 17 times from where Hunter’s Tent Karakuri sits until you arrive at Looking Glass Karakuri.

The Looking Glass Dragon Karakuri serves as a mirror and allows players to gain entry to character creation screen for customizing appearance. You must first complete all required upgrades before spending 1,500 Kemono Orbs to unlock this Karakuri.

How to Change Player In Wild Hearts Change Appearance ?

As it has a high Earth cost, placing the Looking Glass is best suited to Minato due to no elemental restrictions limiting how many Karakuri you may place there. Once placed, however, any time can be used to alter its appearance freely without incurring penalties from any faction or character creators.

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