Line Gun Upgrades and Locations In Dead Space Remake

Line Gun Upgrades In Dead Space Remake: Dead Space Remake offers a variety of weapons to choose from, including the highly potent line gun. Equipping this particular weapon can significantly ease your progress throughout the game. If you want to gain an in-depth understanding of Dead Space Remake, especially about the line gun, then this guide is for you.

This guide on the Dead Space Remake line gun covers all the necessary information, from its definition to the method of obtaining it. Let’s delve straight into it without any delay.

What is Line Gun In Dead Space Remake?

The Line Gun has long been one of the fan-favorite weapons from Dead Space games, firing an energy beam which slices through enemies with ease. Now with Remake Line Gun we see its return, with upgraded graphics and gameplay mechanics for even greater enjoyment!

Line Gun Upgrades and Locations

Line Gun Stats & Capacity

Primary Ammo: Line Racks

Secondary Ammo: Laser Mines

Stat TypeBaseMax
Damage (DMG)150 pts300 pts
Capacity (CAP)0511
Reload Time (REL)2.50 secs1.75 secs
Projectile Speed (SPD)50m/sec70 m/secs
Rate of Fire (ROF)55 rpm85 rpm

Line Gun Upgrades In Dead Space Remake

In Dead Space Remake, like all other weapons, there are three significant upgrades that you can discover as you progress through the game. In addition to these, there are also various minor stat improvements, which we will discuss shortly. The three primary upgrades are as follows:

  • Chapter 4 or 5 Upgrade (located in the first shop after obtaining the weapon): This upgrade significantly enhances the damage done by the alternate fire.
  • Chapter 10 (Upgrade: 1) (discovered in a Master Override crate in Hydroponics): This upgrade adds additional targeting lasers to the alternate fire.
  • Chapter 10 (Upgrade: 2) can be found behind a Level 3 security door in the Medical area and provides an impressive increase to alternate mode’s firepower, increasing secondary fire damage significantly. This upgrade also improves fire detection ability significantly.

Aside from the significant upgrades to the Laser Trap (alternate fire), there are also minor stat buffs available. There are six upgrade that increase capacity six that increase damage three that improve reload speed three that boost rate of fire and three that enhance projectile speed in total there are twelve upgrades. When combined with the major upgrades mentioned above, a total of 24 nodes are required to fully maximize the Line Gun.

Is the Dead Space Remake Line Gun Worth Using?

Dead Space Remake Line Gun is definitely worthy of consideration; this powerful weapon can quickly take down multiple enemies with one shot as well as offering alt fire mode support when facing tougher foes.


Integrating the Line Gun into your arsenal can drastically strengthen your ability to fight necromorphs providing an edge when combatting them. As long as you haven’t reached Chapter 11 final stages yet now is your opportunity to acquire it for yourself!

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