Darkdale Armor: How to Get Darkdale Armor God of War?

Darkdale Armor: To obtain the newly released Darkdale Armor set in God of War Ragnarok, fans must complete a few straightforward tasks to unlock it. The deluxe version of God of War Ragnarok includes additional rewards for loyal supporters, such as the Darkdale Armor set. Despite the expectation of immediate access after purchasing, players will need to wait a brief period before they can use it.

Darkdale Kratos Armor Set: What it is?

Darkdale Armor Set provides Wrist and Waist pieces which increase player rage production rates, as well as Blade of Chaos grips designed for beginners, an Armor Outfit for Atreus, and Wrist/Waist pieces that increase rate of Rage production. Furthermore, its grips were designed specifically to increase Runic, Strength, and Defense stats of players newer to combat, providing an edge against enemies while increasing combat abilities immediately upon beginning play in game. By giving newcomers an advantage against enemies early on and improving combat abilities quickly over time this set can help players become skilled and proficient before even beginning combat in game!

Darkdale Armor

How to Unlock Deluxe Edition Darkdale Armor God of War Ragnarok ?

God of War Ragnarok requires players who wish to acquire Darkdale Armor to purchase either the standard edition, deluxe edition, or upgrade for $10 more if already own a standard edition copy of game. To do so.

  • Once players purchase the Deluxe edition, they can gain access to the Darkdale Armor in-game by visiting Brok and Sindri characters.
  • In order to acquire it, players must play through and defeat Thor in the opening hour before continuing escorting Atreus towards Tyr’s secrets in search of Atreus’ armor.
  • Sindri will guide players back home through a Mystic Gate to his home where Brok’s shop can be found, where players can upgrade their gear by pressing O.
  • After leaving this shop, Brok will direct players towards a chest of Lost Possessions which must be interacted with to obtain Darkdale Armor – pressing O will unlock this.

Darkdale Armor Stats & Capacity

Darkdale armor boasts average stats at best however this set is designed for beginners. What set it apart are its bonuses; which serve as evidence that this piece should be valued.

Armor PieceStats
Darkdale Plackart4 Strength, 4 Defense, 1 Runic
Darkdale Arm Guards5 Strength, 1 Runic
Darkdale Waist Guard5 Defense, 1 Runic

Additionally, this set offers additional advantages beyond its base statistics. The chest piece’s Enraged Slayer ability, for instance, restores some of Kratos’ health and rage whenever he kills an enemy during Spartan Rage effect – complementing Spartan Rage nicely by providing additional health. Thus ensuring long-term sustainability by way of killing enemies.

When wearing wrist and waist pieces together, they grant access to the Raging Affliction power, increasing the rate at which rage is generated when attacking enemies with status effects or runic attacks. Each piece increases rage gain by 20%; combined together this increases to 40%.

Is Darkdale Armor Worth It

The Darkdale armor set offers players many benefits, such as handle, grip, and improved stats. It is widely considered one of the most exclusive sets in the game; while some players may hesitate to upgrade to the Deluxe Edition just for this set alone, its benefits make the upgrade worth your while; its impactful strength- and defense-boosting abilities make this upgrade worthwhile despite costing an additional $10; but all-in-all, it represents an excellent investment.


At last we have come to an end of our guide on how to acquire the full Darkdale armor. By following the method outlined here, you can enhance both gameplay and character appearance in early game stages while giving yourself an advantage during intense combat situation and setting yourself apart from other players. If any of our method helped you successfully acquire this armor set we welcome any feedback in the comment below about your experience obtaining it.

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