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How old Kratos is? Fans of God of War: Ragnarok Are Arguing

How old Kratos is? Several God of War Ragnarok players wonder how old Kratos is. God of War Ragnarok fans wonder character’ age. In God of War Ragnarok, Kratos, a former Spartan soldier, visits the nine Norse realms. His son Atreus joins him, and they face Thor, Odin, Gna, and Heimdall in Ragnarok.

Kratos has featured in every God of War games, making him a gaming icon. From a Spartan soldier who performed Ares’ bidding to a proud and loving father battling the Norse gods, The character has come a long way. The character has endured great mental and physical suffering throughout his existence. His longevity is one of his most noteworthy attributes, and God of War Ragnarok fans wonder how old he is.

How old Kratos is?

How old Kratos is

Silver-Right posted a picture on the God of War subreddit comparing the old and new Kratos. The user asks Reddit members about Kratos’ age, given that he’s from ancient Greece. Most fans felt he was at least 50 during God of War 3, although many disagreed after that. Some God of War Ragnarok fans think Kratos is over 1,000 years old since Cory Barlog revealed God of War 2018 is set 1,000 years after God of War 3.

Atreus’ diary, which states that Kratos is more than 1,000 years old, was cited by certain God of War: Ragnarok players. Kratos is centuries old, although some followers claim that 1,000 is an exaggeration. Some players noted a God of War Ragnarok line where Kratos warns Atreus about surviving millennia.

Though the precise number is unclear, Kratos from God of War Ragnarok is millennia old and has witnessed awful tragedies. He saw his brother Deimos die as a youngster and has tattoos to honour him. As the Ghost of Sparta, he killed his family when Ares misled him. Despite many tragic events, Kratos has survived for generations, finding himself in a different world from the Greek one he previously knew.

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