Samsung Galaxy S23 Launch Date: Just verified by Samsung

Samsung Galaxy S23 Launch Date: We’ve speculated for months about the Samsung Galaxy S23’s debut date, but now we know: February 1, 2023.

Samsung hasn’t confirmed the date, although it teased it on its Colombian site for February 1. We can’t locate the teaser at the time of writing, so it’s either been withdrawn or we’re not good at searching Samsung Colombia.

While not official, it’s close. It lines up with earlier reports from trustworthy sources, so we’re very sure February 1 will be the big announcement.

Samsung Galaxy S23 Launch Date: Rumours, Fabricated

Samsung Galaxy S23 Launch Date: Given how extensively the Galaxy S23, Galaxy S23 Plus, and Galaxy S23 Ultra have been leaked, when Samsung finally decides to reveal its newest lineup of flagships, it’s unlikely to offer too many surprises for us.

Samsung Galaxy S23

All three of the series’ phones seem to be following the Ultra model’s example in terms of appearance, which has elevated camera lenses on the back. We’ve also been given a sneak peek at the hues that the phones will come in.

There has also been a lot of discussion about camera improvements, particularly in relation to the Ultra model. If the reports are accurate, pictures and movies captured in both excellent and bad lighting circumstances ought to be better than before.

Analysis: Samsung Retaliates

Samsung Galaxy S23 Launch Date: When it comes to high-profile smartphone introductions, we tend to concentrate on the iPhone from Apple, the Pixel from Google, and the Galaxy S from Samsung. But only one of these three devices launches at the beginning of the year.

Apple and Google are in a better position than Samsung. Because they were released around the same time, the iPhone 14 and Pixel 7 were competitors (September and October respectively). By the time the iPhone 14 arrived, the Galaxy S22 was seven months old.

Samsung Galaxy S23 Launch Date: One view is that Samsung is constantly half a year ahead of its big-name competition; another is that it’s always half a year behind. The technique means Samsung can receive attention for its flagship phones regardless of what Apple and Google do.

With the Galaxy S23, Samsung responds to what other phone makers accomplished in 2018 and sets the standard for 2023. What kind of update will we see over the Galaxy S22?

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