Resident Evil 2 Redeem Code (May 2024): All Safe Codes

Are You an Admirer of Resident Evil 2 and Wonder How to Aquire its Game Redeem Codes? In this article we will go over everything that needs to be known regarding how and where one may obtain redeem codes, from how they can be obtained to how and when one should use them.

What Is Resident Evil 2 Redeem Code?

Before discussing how to obtain the Resident Evil 2 redeem code, let’s briefly define what exactly a “redemption code” entails. Simply stated, a redemption code provides access to certain features or items within a game through special promotions; using one grants access to its Deluxe Edition featuring additional content.

Resident Evil 2 Code

Police Station safe and locker codes (Resident Evil 2 Remake)

Leon’s desk (left)NEDN/A
Leon’s desk (right)MRGN/A
West Office safeN/ALeft 9, Right 15, Left 7
Third floor stairs lockDCMN/A
Waiting room safeN/ALeft 6, Right 2, Left 11
Men’s locker room lockCAPN/A

Sewer safe and locker codes

Control room lockSZF
Treatment pool safeLeft 2, Right 12, Left 8

Laboratory safe and locker codes

Greenhouse control room ladder3, 1, 2, 3.
Greenhouse control room drug testing lab5, 8, 3, 1.

How to Redeem the Resident Evil 2 Redeem Code?

Once you’ve obtained a Resident Evil 2 redeem code, the next step should be redeeming it on every platform. Here’s how:

PlayStation 4

  • To redeem a code on PlayStation 4, visit either your console’s or web-based PlayStation Stores and search for it there.
  • Under Redeem Codes from the menu, enter your codes.
  • Follow the onscreen instructions in order to successfully redeem.

Xbox One

  • From the drop-down list, select ‘Redeem Codes” and follow any necessary steps for redemption.
  • To redeem an Xbox Store or Steam client code, open either console’s or browser menus and select “Use Code.”
  • Enter your code and follow the onscreen instructions to redeem it.


Based Steam clients: To activate, navigate to Games > Menu Items and then to “Activate Product on Steam.”

Follow these instructions carefully when entering and redeeming codes.

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How to Acquire the Resident Evil 2 Redeem Code?

Now that we understand what a Resident Evil 2 redeem code is, let’s go over how to acquire one. There may be various methods available depending on where & which platform you play it on; there may even be multiple redeem codes!

Method 1: Pre-Order Game: One method to obtain a Resident Evil 2 redeem code is through pre-ordering the Deluxe Edition game, in which case an unlock code will be given & can be redeemed later for extra content. Note however, this only works on PlayStation 4, Xbox One or PC platforms.

Method 2: Purchase a Special Edition Console or Controller: Another way of unlocking Resident Evil 2 redeem codes is through buying exclusive consoles or controllers – for instance purchasing PlayStation 4 Pro Resident Evil 2 bundle will provide access to additional content when played on PS4. Note however that this method only works if playing exclusively on PlayStation 4.

Method 3: Purchase the Deluxe Edition: Finally, to access Resident Evil 2 redeem cheats across platforms such as PlayStation 4, Xbox One & PC is to purchase its Deluxe Edition & buy its redeem cheats directly. solution works.

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Gaining & redeeming the Resident Evil 2 redeem code is an excellent way to enhance your gaming experience with extra content. Whether you pre-order buy a special edition console or controller or opt for the Deluxe Edition make sure you follow all necessary steps in order to redeem your code &d unlock additional goodies.

If you are a fan of Resident Evil 2 the Deluxe Edition is worth considering. With an original soundtrack, reversible slipcover, digital artbook & additional weapons, fans will have even more ways to enjoy this beloved game.

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