Pixel Piece Fruit: Tier List and Abilities

Pixel Piece Fruit: Want to know about Pixel Piece fruit? We break down Roblox for you in this tutorial. What’s better than sailing? Doing it with a fruit belly! Pixel Piece, a Roblox game based on One Piece, is difficult for landlubbers, but there’s a trick. So, check out our Pixel Piece fruit guide to understand where to locate them, where they rank on the tier list, and all their attributes.

Let’s get started with our tutorial to Pixel Piece fruit.

What exactly is pixel piece fruit?

In the enjoyable One Piece-inspired Roblox game Pixel Piece, you explore the seas and find islands as you go on a grand journey. You may get certain skills and abilities from Pixel Piece fruits, which can be found all around the map.

Pixel Piece Fruit Abilities

You may employ a variety of skills by eating the various fruits you uncover, and Pixel Piece fruit are cool little things. Here is our guide to the various fruit powers in Pixel Piece.

Pixel Piece Fruit
Pixel Piece Fruit Ability Description 
Smooth Smooth floorSkate across the ground
Smooth Smooth pushUse the smooth ground to push and damage enemies
Invisible (suke)Self insivibleBecome invisible to enemies and other players
Invisible (suke)Party invisibleMakes all party members invisible
CryKenpopoLaunch three projectiles, regaining health if they connect
CryChiyupopoStart crying, depleting your health but regaining health for nearby party members 
CryHogopopoActivates a stun shield
BombBomb shotThrow a bomb and deal damage 
BombBomb rushRush towards enemies and deal damage
BombBomb boosterUse explosions from your hands to fly
BombBomb destructBlow up, causing huge damage to enemies and yourself
SpinSpinning assaultSpin around and cause damage
SpinSpinning flightFly in any direction until your stamina depletes
SpinSpinning disasterTurn into a tornado and deal damage to enemies 
KiloKilo walkRun forwards and stamp, dealing damage to enemies
KiloKilo crashSmash the ground three times and damage enemies
KiloKilo riseFly around using an umbrella
KiloKilo 1,000kg When using Kilo rise high in the air, stomp the ground and deal damage to enemies
KiloKilo 10,000kgSimilar to Kilo 1,000kg, but much more powerful
KiloKilo forceBuffs the effects of regular melee attacks
Flame (mera)Flame snapThrow a flame towards enemies
Flame (mera)Flame flightUse the flame to fly
Flame (mera)Shinka shiranuiUse flames to fly into the air, and then smash into the ground to damage enemies
Flame (mera)Flame repulseFly into the air using flames, and then fire explosive blasts towards the ground, damaging enemies
Flame (mera)HikenThrow flames towards enemies, dealing damage
Flame (mera)Hono no hashiraSummon a pillar of flames, which moves forwards as long as you hold the skill
Flame (mera)Dai enkai entaiHold the skill button to build a ball of fire. The longer the skill is held, the bigger the ball and the more damage dealt
Ice (hie)Ice hawkThrow a hawk made of ice towards enemies
Ice (hie)Ice hammerSumon a giant ice hammer to damage enemies
Ice (hie)Ice spearsSummon a spear of ice to damage enemies
Ice (hie)Ice stompStomp the ground to produce a huge ice wall
Ice (hie)Frozen timeSummon a wall of ice around your character, freezing and damaging enemies
Ice (hie)Ultimate stompSimilar to ice stomp, this summons three walls of ice around the character
Ice (hie)Ice iceSkate on ice

Tier List of Pixel Piece Fruit

Unfortunately, some fruits are superior than others. Pears are terrible, just like pears. To assist you in selecting the greatest fruit from the group, we’ve created a list of Pixel Piece fruit tiers.

Tier Pixel Piece Fruit 
Shie-hie, mera-mera
Abomb-bomb, smooth-smooth 
Csmooth-smooth, suke-suke, kilo-kilo

Where can I get Pixel Piece fruit?

Pixel Piece can be played without fruit, however a few pieces assist. Pixel Piece and devil fruits are simple to locate. Searching beneath trees, where fruits fall sporadically, is best. As you explore several islands, discover and search every tree to quickly complete your pile.

The centre port fruit trader sells Pixel Piece and devil fruit for beli or Robux. To get there, take a boat from the spawn island south and follow the video below.

Visit Here to Watch it

That’s all for now, guys. We hope this tutorial has blown your mind.

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