Invisible Fence Glitch Returns in Apex Legends

Invisible Fence Glitch: Apex Legends is still strong, and fans love it. The game is one of the most consistent battle royale games on the market, and its supporters have few complaints. #NoApexFebruary hasn’t hampered the game’s popularity, and while it’s monitored by EA, nothing has been done to impair the excellent experience it gives.

But when things are well, little flaws appear massive. It appears like a glitch is returning for good.

A Return of Wattson’s Invisible Fence Glitch

Wattson’s invisible electric fences have returned, wrecking games everywhere.

It’s back in Hunted without any explanation or cause. Reddit user IcySpinach found the glitch and published a video of dashing past phantom barriers.

A bug or an invisible fence?
One commenter says, “I’ve seen this six times.” “Respawn will need months to address this glitch.”

Invisible Fence Glitch

What is the Invisible Fence Glitch Caused By?

Based on the footage, it seems like one of Rampart’s covers was put in front of one of the fences, although there’s no purpose for this at the moment.

Respawn has to fix the issue as quickly as possible since the game isn’t known for being bug-free. #NoApex doesn’t need additional ammo.

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