How Did Don Shane Die and Cause of Death?

How Did Don Shane Die and Cause of Death? Don Shane was the sports director at WXYZ-TV for many years before he unexpectedly passed away at 70 year of age. Many are curious as to the cause of Don passing; read further for more insight into this sad loss and learn about his life story.

Who was Don Shane?

Don Shane was an esteemed sportscaster for three decades on Channel 7 (WXYZ-TV) in Detroit, Michigan. Born March 17, 1945 in Toledo Ohio and growing up mostly in Detroit Michigan. Attending Wayne State University to study journalism and broadcasting. Don Shane began his career in radio, working at various stations in Ohio and Michigan before transitioning into television in 1978 with Channel 7.

How Did Don Shane Die and Cause of Death?

There he quickly established himself as one of Detroit sports media’s most beloved figures – becoming known for sports reporting on that station before later joining Channel 7 as sports anchor and reporter himself. Don Shane was a familiar voice on national sports networks such as ESPN for over two decades before retiring in 2012. He earned several accolades during his time working, such as Michigan Emmy Award and Ty Tyson Excellence in Sports Broadcasting Award.

How Did Don Shane Die?

Don Shane, an acclaimed sports reporter from Channel 7 (WXYZ TV), passed away peacefully at 70 on 24 February 2023 at his California residence. As reported by The Detroit News, Don had been suffering from health problems in recent years and on Saturday his wife Mona confirmed the news alongside veteran WXYZ news anchor Diana Lewis who also paid her respects at his memorial service. Don was well known in Oklahoma City and beyond due to his passion and enthusiasm for sports; each broadcast was filled with excitement that brought every venue alive!

What is Don Shane Cause of Death?

Don Shane was well-known as an ABC affiliate based in Detroit for covering Detroit sports team like Tigers and Lions leading him into retirement after 12 years and then moving back into California near his children with Mona Shane shortly afterward to live near them both and welcome his first grandchild shortly thereafter. Unfortunately Don was unexpectedly killed at 70 on 24 February 2023 leaving many friends, colleague, fans in mourning upon learning of this news. While no official cause of his passing was made available by WXYZ or Mona Shane at this point in time.

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