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Latarian Milton 2023: What happened to Latarian Milton?


Latarian Milton, now an adult, became notorious as a juvenile for his misbehavior. At age seven in 2008 – making national headlines by stealing his grandmother’s car and causing extensive damage during a road rage incident in Palm Beach – earning the moniker “Hood Rat Kid”. However, years have since passed and questions still arise as to what has become of Latarian Milton: his current career endeavors, educational pursuits, relationship with parents etc. This article will examine these aspects as well.

Who was Latarian Milton?

Latarian Milton was born September 30th 2000 in Palm Beach Florida USA. In 2023 he is 22 years old. His mother’s name is Sheneequa while no information regarding his biological father has been disclosed by him.


Latarian was raised by his grandmother, Zikkita Stratford, as his mother gave birth at 16 years old. Following elementary education he enrolled at John F Kennedy Middle School located in Riviera Beach Florida; successfully completing all studies to graduate in June 2015.

Latarian Milton

Latarian Milton Net Worth 2023

Individual net worth and salary remain unknown to the public nor have any detail about their employment or business ventures been divulged

Net WorthNot known
NameLatarian Milton
Date of Birth30th September 2000
Age22 years old (as of 2023)
Height5 ft 5 inch
Weight72 KG
Place of BirthPalm Beach, Florida, USA

Where Is Latarian Milton Now?

Palm Beach County arrest records reveal that Latarian Milton is currently serving a 15 year prison sentence for offenses such as property damage and carjacking. Though report of his death have surfaced these are false rumors.


What happened to Latarian Milton?

He soon showed signs of being rebellious, engaging in criminal activities throughout his childhood and adult years engaging in activities such as:

At seven Milton found himself embroiled in an argument with his mother after she forbade him from smoking. Furious with this decision Milton took his grandmother car and drove recklessly around Palm Beach causing extensive property damage; colliding with mailboxes, hit two moving vehicles near Walmart and colliding into several parked cars in Costco parking lot before finally collapsing into another parked car in its parking lot accompanied by his friend.

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