Vito Scaletta: A Voice Character Mission, Background and More

Vito Scaletta: In Mafia II, Vittorio Antonio “Vito” Scaletta is the main character. He is a rising star in Empire Bay’s criminal underworld and a new member of the Falcone crime family.

Vito Scaletta : Appearances on a Mission

Mafia: The City of Lost Heaven

Epilogue: As an unnamed mobster

Mafia II

As the main character, he shows up in all missions.

Joe’s Adventures

Witness: Frozen Memories

Vito Scaletta Background

Vito was born in 1925 to an impoverished family in San Martino, Sicily. After a few years, his father suggested they move to America to start again. Despite moving to Empire Bay, they still lived in poverty. Vito met gangster Joe Barbaro in school. Joe liked Vito after he challenged him to fight. Fast buddies. Joe, a year older and a bully, defended Vito. They became good friends and trust each other with their lives.

vito scaletta

A police officer captured Vito and Joe robbing a diamond store in 1943. Joe ran away, but Vito was caught. The police gave Vito the choice of staying in jail or serving in the U.S. because he was Sicilian and spoke Italian. Italian army campaigns. He joined the army to avoid prison. He was enlisted into the 504th Parachute Infantry Regiment that liberated Sicily. Vito and his team rescue an Italian Fascist prisoner in the game’s first objective. After defeating most of the enemy, Vito and his squadron saw an old mafia boss in a tank plead for surrender.

The men submitted in awe of the Sicilian Mafia. Vito was killed in fighting in 1944–1945 after Sicily’s liberation. After a few months in the infirmary, he was sent home on war leave for a month. Vito meets Joe again after the failed robbery. Joe faked Vito’s discharge papers in Giuseppe’s general shop. These papers saved him from combat in Italy. WWII ended three months later.

Vito Scaletta: Prologue

He returns to find that his father owes the mafia $2,000. Vito discovers this when a loan shark thug harasses his sister. Vito beats the thug and learns what transpired during his two-year absence. He promptly goes to Joe for a job after realizing he must support his family. Joe made his name while Vito was away at war. By the time Vito returned home, Joe had a reputation as a trustworthy, honest man. a soldato/soldier, meaning mafioso street gangster and a strong earner for the bosses.made Joe’s enough experience and respect for canidate to become made, a made man into a mafia family organization despite his temper of getting carried away jumping the gun being either foolish or like a cowboy leaving a blood feud running around everywhere like the old wild west which is ironic due to his comical character of humor, he really likes to shoot guns for fun. Mike Bruski, a junkyard proprietor who sells stolen automobiles and repairs them for thieves, hires him first.

Vito’s mother wants him to work well. Vito should work for union boss Federico “Fat Derek” Pappalardo, a Vinci family capo. Derek asks Vito to put containers onto a truck when he gets for work. Vito gives up and yells at Derek’s right-hand man, Steve Coyne. Vito says he can make more money working for “Barbaro Incorporated.” Steve takes Vito back to Derek, claiming anyone who works with Joe wouldn’t spend their time shifting crates. Derek is hesitant to believe this, so he grabs a revolver in case Joe doesn’t answer or denies knowing Vito. Joe validates Vito’s story, dispelling Derek’s mistrust. Derek then asks Vito to be a collector and obtain money for “the barber.” Vito collects all dock worker fees and returns to Derek.

Vito Scaletta: Clemente

Derek tells Vito that Joe called to invite him to Freddy’s Bar after he does his job. Vito finds Joe has connected them to the mob. Clemente soldier Henry Tomasino links them. Vito’s first duty is to steal a lot of rare gas stamp rations from the Office of Price Administration. Maria Agnello can help Vito. He will return the stamps to Henry for examination. Henry notices that the stamps expire at midnight, so Vito gets a higher percentage if he re-stamps them all before midnight. Vito is fatigued the next day and resents Joe and Henry for keeping him up. Henry’s next mission for them is to steal jewels from the city mall.

The assignment was going well until the Irish O’Neill Gang, led by Brian O’Neill, drove their car into the store. After more back-and-forth, the cops arrived, Joe and Vito escaped the mall, and they went home later that night. Vito returns to Freddy’s a week later to work. Henry must kill Sidney Pen, also called “The Fat Man,” who owes Don Alberto Clemente money. He bought an MG42 from Harry to do so. Joe and Vito kill the Fat Man after Henry is shot while delivering Clemente’s respects. He takes the gang to El Greco to heal Henry. Vito;s offers Francesca $2,000 after Henry pays him for the hit.

Vito Scaletta: Detention

He is arrested the next day for stealing ration gas stamps from the Office of Price Administration after leaving Joe’s apartment. One of the gas station attendants gave the police access to his family (Francesca and Vito’s mother), who unintentionally gave them his address. Henry’s lawyer doesn’t help Vito. Vito’s three-month trial ends in May with a 10-year sentence in Hartmann Federal Penitentiary. Beaten and mistreated, Vito becomes depressed. After three days, Joe tells Vito that Leone “Leo” Galante, a Vinci family Consigliere, may assist him by remaining longer or going earlier. O’Neill, who was jailed when Vito and Joe escaped from the mall, finds Galante. Vito fights O’Neill, but O’Neill clearly wins.

Vito and O’Neill are imprisoned by the Warden. Galante, who wants Vito to fight for him, got Vito out early. Vito fights well after being Pepe Costa’s punching bag. Galante soon focuses on training Vito and Pepe. Vito’s first bout follows a “prison triad” battle. After Vito fights a “spook” in the laundry room, Francesca arrives to tell him she’s getting married and that Mama is unwell. Vito advises her to take what’s left of his money as a wedding gift and get the best doctor for Mama. Vito lives a week. The guard makes him hate cleaning the bathroom urinals. He must then shower.

Three rapists disrupt Vito’s contemplation. After being jumped, he kills two rapists before the guards arrive and beat and send Vito back to the Hole. Vito receives disturbing mail that his mother died while Francesca was visiting him. After being released, Vito discovers that the Irish gang jumped Pepe and left him unable to fight. Vito must find O’Neill and “break some bones” for Pepe. He fights him at the gym. Vito wins once, but O’Neill recovers and fights again. Vito’s strength surprises him. He dodges O’Neill’s shank several times. Vito slits O’Neill’s throat and stabs him. Vito spends the rest of his prison sentence in Galante’s cell, learning about the Empire Bay Mafia’s three main families and asking what he will do when he gets out. In May 1951, Vito will be freed early.

Vito Scaletta Enters Crime World Again

Joe joined the Falcones while Vito was in prison. Vito, Joe, and Eddie Scarpa, the Falcone family’s Underboss, celebrate Vito’s release in the Garden of Eden, a cathouse. Eddie failed to mention dumping undercover FBI agent Frankie Potts’ body on the way home. Vito’s celebration failed, but with Joe’s support and Eddie’s offer, he swiftly starts working for the Falcone family, selling stolen smokes and fighting the Greasers. Vito’s main goal is to discover what happened to Harvey “Beans” Epstein, Antonio “Tony Balls” Balsamo, and Frankie the Mick, so he assassinates Clemente Family capo Luca Gurino. He pursues Luca from Freddy’s Bar to The Clemente Slaughterhouse in Little Italy.

Vito enters the meat grinder through the sewers. He frees Beans and Balls, but Frankie the Mick is dead on the floor. He and Balls defeat Luca’s soldiers and beat him. Vito exits the abattoir before Balls and Beans kill Luca. Vito and Joe gain Don Carlo Falcone’s trust and become Falcones with Galante’s endorsement. After two weeks, Eddie and Don Falcone ask Vito and Joe (now soldiers) to assassinate Don Clemente to stop the Clemente family from intruding. Vito, Joe, and young Marty blast Clemente’s family meeting at the Empire Arms Hotel.

Alberto was in the restroom when the explosion occurred, ruining the plan. Vito and Joe shoot Don Clemente through the hotel. Marty was assassinated by Don Clemente and his men in the parking lot. Vito and Joe shoot Don Clemente’s automobile till it’s destroyed. Joe then shoots Clemente with his Thompson 1928. Henry asks Vito to join the Falcone family after the hit. Henry meets Eddie with Vito. Eddie helps Henry kill Galante to prove himself. After Galante helped him in prison, Vito goes to Galante’s home to get him out. Galante will leave to (perhaps) Lost Heaven after the task.

Vito Scaletta Start Business

Vito will find Francesca crying on his doorway after the Galante business. She accuses her husband Eric Reilly of hitting her and cheating. Vito will then beat Eric at his leisure spot till he’s bleeding. Vito threatens to kill Eric if he abuses Francesca and cheats. Francesca wants nothing to do with Vito. The O’Neill Gang, now led by Mickey Desmond, wakes Vito up that night. Desmond tells his men to use Molotov cocktails to kill Vito in his house in vengeance for Vito’s murder of his cousin in prison. He escapes in his underwear, but the fire destroys his clothes, guns, money, and house, leaving him with nothing. He visits Joe’s improved home but is more concerned about the O’Neill Gang. Vito wears Joe’s old clothes.

Vito and Joe find Desmond and the O’Neill Gang at Kingston’s Hill of Tara. He claims Desmond is still impoverished, regardless of his fate. Vito and Joe attack the Hill of Tara, murdering Desmond’s goons, before killing him in a vehicle pursuit. Joe lends Vito Marty’s place. Henry asks Vito for financial assistance. Vito and Joe join the drug trade after meeting Henry at Lincoln Park. The gang takes a loan from Bruno Levine, a commission-backed loanshark, and makes a narcotics deal with the Empire Bay Triads, a group of Chinese immigrants. The Bombers distribute the merchandise. After a week, Don Falcone discovers the lads are making money and orders Eddie to take a 60,000 dollar cut.

The Triads learn Henry is an FBI agent and brutally murder him in Lincoln Park in broad daylight, stealing the money. Vito and Joe arrive to see their longtime friend die and slay his murderers. Vito and Joe then observe Triad Enforcer Zhe Yun Wong and his crew driving away from Lincoln Park. He and Joe track Wong to The Red Dragon Restaurant in Chinatown, where Wong operates a hidden narcotics production. He and Joe confront Wong after killing half the Triads. Wong tells Vito and Joe why he killed Henry, but he won’t say where the Triads got Henry’s money. Joe places his gun to Wong’s left side. Vito and Joe don’t believe Wong about Henry working for the FBI, so Joe kills him, much to Vito’s chagrin. Triads blame Mafia families for war after his death.

Pursuing Carlo Falcone

Vito and Joe work wherever to repay Bruno. Eddie kills Vito and Joe for Ennio Salieri and the Salieri family. Target: 51-year-old Thomas Angelo. Vito and Joe discuss what to do on the drive to his home in a Smith Thunderbolt automobile Eddie has provided for this occasion. “Mr. Angelo?” Vito asks. Tommy replies in disbelief. After Vito adds, “Mr. Salieri sends his compliments,” Joe pulls out his Remington Model 870 Field rifle and kills Angelo in the chest. Vito and Joe escape the feds. Joe and Vito then work separately to pay Bruno. Derek sends Vito to handle a strike. Vito aids Derek until a Dock worker reveals how his father died.

After seeing Steve return from the ocean, he claims Steve drowned Mr. Antonio Scaletta, who was never discovered. Another said Derek killed Antonio and Steve followed. Vito then slaughters Steve, Derek, and their goons. After killing Derek, Vito steals his office’s retirement money. After collecting his obligation, Vito goes to Joe’s, but he’s gone. Vito asks Eddie what occurred, but Eddie is more interested in Vito’s drug operation. Vito lies and visits Giuseppe to ask about Joe.

He claims Joe was kidnapped at the Mona Lisa Cafe. Two Vinci goons beat Vito there. Vito wakes up in a construction site and is grilled by Don Franco “Frank” Vinci. After Don Vinci leaves, Vito and Joe untie and escape the building, killing half of Vinci’s thugs. Vito takes Joe to El Greco and receives his portion of the loan. Vito gives Bruno the money again. Bruno admits he’s the loan shark who gave Vito’s father money for his alcoholism.


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