Eternal return black survival tier list (March 2024)

Eternal return black survival tier list :Three distinct gaming genres—MOBA, battle royale, and survival—were combined to create Eternal Return: Black Survival. You must choose a character wisely from the extensive roster in addition to using the proper tactics to win the game. Here is the meticulously compiled and current Eternal Return: Black Survival tier list.

Black Survival Tier List for Eternal Return as of March 2024

Games Adda’s Eternal Return tier system has six levels, each character assigned a level based on their solo victory percentage and weapon. This makes it easier for you to make informed decisions, strategically conquer Lumia Island, demonstrate your strength, talent, and wisdom – not to mention boost your odds of success!

Tier S

Black Survival tier list S is essential in Eternal Return. They possess the most lethal weaponry and boast the game’s highest victory rate, allowing you to progress through it faster with their help. With their aid, you’ll make significant progress through the game much more quickly!

Eternal return black survival tier list
CharacterWeaponWin Rate
AyaAssault Rifle8.77%
JackieDual Sword7.55%

Tier A

Although Tier A characters are not as good as Tier S characters, they are still rather valued and powerful. Your next focus should be on these characters.

CharacterWeaponWin Rate
IsolAssault Rifle7.00%

Tier B

Characters of Tier B are typical and manageable. They do provide some value, so they are not entirely useless. Additionally, you can’t go wrong with these.

CharacterWeaponWin Rate
YukiTwo-Handed Sword5.66%

Tier C

Only in dire circumstances and if necessary, you must use Tier C characters. Because of their poor winning percentages, your chances of winning the game are rather slim.

CharacterWeaponWin Rate
Li DailinGlove4.10%

Tier D

REMOVE! The D list has no use. Never fall for their deception unless you want to struggle to win the game. Neglect them in order to succeed.

CharacterWeaponWin Rate

Level F

Useless! There’s no need to talk about Barbara.

CharacterWeaponWin Rate

The Eternal Return: Black Survival tier list for 2024 is shown above. Remember to return often since the list will change as the victory percentages do.

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