Terraria Dryad Wiki Process: How can I unlock the Dryad?

Dryad Terraria Guide: What exactly does the Dryad do in Terraria? When you have enough room in your town, you can start inviting NPCs like the Dryad to live there. However, she is a particularly helpful companion because she is a dealer and, to some extent, an expert in crimson, corruption, and hallow.

To get her assistance, you’ll need to fulfil a few conditions first. This guide was compiled to help you learn all about the Terraria Dryad, including how to find her, unlock her, and invite her to live with you. A section on the elusive Terraria Dryad painting and its location has also been included.

Dryad Terraria Guide

How can I unlock the Dryad Terraria?

For the dryad to move into your home or another good home, you must meet two conditions. Once these two things are true, a dryad will move into the right house, and this message will show up in chat to let you know. Here’s more information about the two things that need to happen:

  • You need a house that is empty. In Terraria, a house is any space that is completely surrounded by blocks and has walls, a door, a light source, a table, and a chair.
  • You have either beaten the Eye of Cthulhu, Skeletron, or the Eater of Worlds/Brain of Cthulhu boss. Only one of the above needs to be defeated.

What does the Dryad have for sale?

Here is a complete list of everything you can buy from the Dryad:

  •  Corrupt Grass Wall
  •  Corrupt Seeds
  •  Crimson Grass Wall
  •  Acorn
  •  Crimson Seeds
  •  Daybloom Planter Box
  •  Deathweed Planter Box
  •  Blinkroot Planter Box
  •  Deathweed Planter Box
  •  Dirt Rod
  •  Dryad Coverings
  •  Blue Flower Seeds
  •  Dryad Loincloth
  •  Fireblossom Planter Box
  •  Flower Wall
  •  Grass Seeds
  •  Grass Wall
  •  Hallowed Grass Wall
  •  Hallowed Seeds
  •  Jungle Wall
  •  Magenta Flower Seeds
  •  Moonglow Planter Box
  •  Mushroom Grass Seeds
  •  Pink Flower Seeds
  •  Potted Forest Bamboo
  •  Potted Forest Cedar
  •  Potted Forest Palm
  •  Potted Forest Tree
  •  Potted Hallow Bamboo
  •  Potted Hallow Cedar
  •  Potted Hallow Palm
  •  Potted Hallow Tree
  •  Potted Jungle Bamboo
  •  Potted Jungle Cedar
  •  Potted Jungle Palm
  •  Potted Jungle Tree
  •  Pumpkin Seed
  • Purification Powder
  •  Red Flower Seeds
  •  Shiverthorn Planter Box
  •  Sunflower
  •  Tall Grass Seeds
  •  Wild Flower Seeds
  •  White Flower Seeds
  •  Vicious Powder
  •  Vile Powder
  •  Violet Flower Seeds
  •  Yellow Flower Seeds
  •  Waterleaf Planter Box

Terraria Dryad house

You’ll need to build her a room and cater to her lifestyle preferences if you want her to move to your community. A Dryad, for instance, might be content in a jungle biome but would be less so in a desert terrain. In addition to the Truffle, the Princess, and the Witch Doctor, the Angler is the only roommate she despises. You can see if your home is valid or what’s missing from it if it isn’t by going to the NPC selection and clicking the question mark.

For additional information, have a look at our comprehensive guide to non-playable characters in Terraria. To ensure that your virtual residents settle in and thrive in your creation, we’ve included a comprehensive happiness chart.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you get Dryad to spawn?

The Dryad will appear once the house is empty and every boss (except King Slime) has been defeated.

How old is the Dryad in Terraria?

The Dryad has lived for 500 years.

What does the Terraria Dryad do?

The Dryad is a non-player character in Terraria who sells items related to nature and can tell you how much Corruption/Crimson and Hallow are in the world. The Dryad can also give the buff Dryad’s Blessing, which gives the player +8 defence when enemies are nearby and the Dryad casts a shield of leaves.


The Dryad is a helpful NPC since she may provide information on the prevalence of Corruption/Crimson and Hallow in the current world. Another buff the Dryad can bestow is called Dryad’s Blessing, and it involves the Dryad casting a shield of leaves around the player if foes are around, increasing their protection by eight points. To sum up, the Dryad is one of the most beneficial non-playable characters in Terraria due to the reasons given.

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