Nu Carnival on iOS: How to get Nu Carnival for iOS

Nu Carnival on iOS: Do you wish to wriggle your way into BL’s wonderful world of deliciousness? Then you should head on over to Nu Carnival. Beautiful men, steamy love interests, and a horde of monsters to vanquish all come together in a lighthearted fantasy narrative that is sure to enchant you. You won’t forget your time spent with the Gemstone Clan, whether you want to have some fun with foxboy Kuya or a romantic encounter with vampire Aster.

You’ve come to the correct location if you’re looking to join the fun and sneak into some naughty antics with the Gemstone Family. Our Nu Carnival download guide will let you acquire the game on all major platforms, including Android, iOS, and even PC. Keep in mind, though, that only adults should play this game due to its graphic sexual themes.

Keep an eye on our Nu Carnival codes page for even more goodies. Check out our Twisted Wonderland tier list, Tears of Themis character profiles, or Obey Me character walkthroughs if you’re looking to bolster your husbando harem. For the simple reason that one can never have too many dashingly handsome anime males, right?

How to get Nu Carnival for iOS

Can you obtain Nu Carnival on an iPhone?

All the information you need to get Nu Carnival on your iOS device is included below. If you follow them in order, you should have no trouble getting started with this smartphone game.

  • Find the icon that looks like a gear and press it.
  • Open the General tab from the Settings menu.
  • Find the option to “Refresh in the background” and turn it on.
  • Now, go to the settings for the battery and turn Low Power Mode off.
  • Since Nu Carnival isn’t on the official App Store, you’ll have to go to a website run by a third party. is the one we will use.
  • Open the site’s search box and type “Nu Carnival” into it.
  • Nu Carnival has a button that says “Start Install.”
  • Add a new Configuration Profile as the next step in installing Nu Carnival. When asked to keep going, download the applob variant. When it’s done, click Allow.
  • Go to the General tab in your device’s Settings and look for Profiles & Device Management. Once you’re here, click on the new Nu Carnival profile to install it.
  • Open the new Nu Carnival icon that was put on your device and follow the steps to verify that the installation went well. After this is done, Nu Carnival should be fully set up on your iOS device.


If you read the information about the “How to get Nu Carnival for iOS” here, you should understand the situation much better. We’d love to hear your ideas and answer any questions you might have in the space below. Don’t be afraid to ask for help when you think you need it.

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