Samsung FRP Tool Direct Alliance Shield One Click ADB Enable

Samsung FRP Tool v1.4 Direct Alliance Shield One Click is an intuitive computer program for Windows designed by Mohammad Ali that makes unlocking Samsung smartphones simple with just one click. Downloadable from its link below, this free-of-cost tool supports All SAMSUNG Galaxy Direct FRP Unlock Models (9/10/11/12). No Backup/Restore Necessary; Second Phone Not Required.

Samsung FRP Tool Direct Alliance Shield One Click ADB Enable

What is Samsung Tool (FRP), and how does it work?

Factory Reset Protection (FRP) is an optional security feature available on Android smartphones running versions 5.0 (Lollipop) through 14 of Android. When activated, FRP provides extra safeguards against unauthorized access of both your phone and personal information stored therein – offering additional peace of mind from intruders and potential thieves alike. With FRP enabled you can take extra measures to keep both safe from harm.

Samsung FRP Tool has the following features:

  • Custom URL has been implemented (directly opens your favorite YouTube Channel from any FRP locked Samsung phone)!
  • How to apply: Under Custom URL, type any URL and then click Bypass FRP (MTP) or Launch Browser.
  • “Install S9 Launcher” now also works (directly launching Galaxy Store/S9 Launcher on SAMSUNG FRP locked phones).
  • Applying: Check “Install S9 Launcher,” then either “Bypass FRP (MTP)” or “Launch Browser.”
  • “Install Hidden Settings” was added, directly opening Galaxy Store – Android Hidden Settings on SAMSUNG FRP locked devices.
  • How to use it: From the drop-down list, choose “Install Hidden Settings,” then Bypass FRP (MTP), Launch Browser or Close FRP Wallet as desired.

What’s new in the world of!!!

  • SAMSUNG Cloud is not necessary in order to unlock SAMSUNG Galaxy models without using Samsung Pay.
  • Unlock Samsung Galaxy devices directly using Factory Reset Protection (FRP), without backup or restoration of data.
  • Unlock any SAMSUNG Galaxy model directly without needing a secondary device
  • Without using an S9 Launcher, all SAMSUNG Galaxy models can be quickly unlocked from FRP protection.
  • Samsung Galaxy Models can now be unlocked directly through FRP without needing to restore data first.

What Is The Best Way To Use?

Below you can watch a comprehensive video tutorial showing how to bypass Factory Reset Protections on Samsung Galaxy phones, with no special requirements such as credit balance, box or dongles being necessary for each model.

Samsung FRP Tool v1.4 Direct Alliance Shield One Click

Size: 21.3 MB
Password: officialroms
Link: visit Here

Best Easy Samsung Frp Tool 2024 v2 | Latest Samsung Mobile

Becareful Tool Contain Virus:

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