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Deastiny 2 Wellspring Weapon Rotation and Drops 2023


Deastiny 2 Wellspring Weapon Rotation and Drops: The Wellspring Rotation in Destiny 2 is an exciting weekly event where players have an opportunity to acquire powerful weapons and gear that can enhance their performance in-game. This event includes strikes, Gambit matches and Crucible matches; each activity may drop specific items that could come in handy during gameplay. Therefore it is vital that players know exactly what they want when approaching this rotation in order to successfully acquire it.

Deastiny 2 Wellspring Weapon Rotation

Deastiny 2 Wellspring weapon rotation

Destiny 2: The Witch Queen introduces a new matchmade activity called The Wellspring. In this activity, Guardians are tasked with either defending or attacking a crucial point in Savathun’s Throne World against the Scorn.

1AttackCome to Pass Legendary Auto Rifle
2DefendTarnation Legendary Grenade Launcher
3AttackFel Taradiddle Legendary Bow
4DefendFather’s Sins Legendary Sniper Rifle


The Wellspring activity in Destiny 2: The Witch Queen follows a daily alternating schedule where Guardians take turns attacking and defending the crucial point. The activity consists of four phases, each with its own set of bosses and weapon drops. It’s important for Guardians to obtain a specific number of each weapon drop to unlock it for the crafting table. Knowing this information is crucial for successful completion of The Wellspring activity.

DayBoss Name
Day 1Golmag Warden of the Spring
Day 2Vezuul, Lightflayer
Day 3Bor’gong, Warden of the Spring
Day 4Zeerik, Lightflayer

To unlock the pattern for crafting the auto rifle and grenade launcher in The Wellspring activity of Destiny 2: The Witch Queen, Guardians need to obtain two drops each with Deepsight Resonance. On the other hand, the bow and sniper rifle require three drops each with Deepsight Resonance for crafting. To obtain the required number of drops, Guardians are encouraged to participate in the activity multiple times a day.

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