Gacha club hairstyles: Enhance Your AVATAR’S Style

Gacha Club provides a range of customizable hairstyles for avatars, an important aspect of this popular social gaming game that has been free-to-play since its founding. If you are new to Gacha Club and looking to customize your avatar there are plenty of choice to choose from. Before diving into the available hairstyle however it may be beneficial for those unfamiliar with the game basics to provide an introduction.

What is Gacha Club?

Gacha Club was launched in 2020 by Lunime an acclaimed game developer. As with most Gacha games, players are able to design and customize their avatars as well as choose from more than 180 pets that can be used in intense combat. With over 30 million installations worldwide and hundreds of thousands of acclaim from players everywhere, this unique concept has gained widespread acceptance and praise from gamers everywhere.

Gacha club hairstyles

However while we’d love to discuss the many successes this game has achieved over time that’s a discussion for another day. Today we will focus on our primary topic creating unique hairstyles for characters in this game. So without further ado please check out the techniques below.

Hairstyles for Gacha Club to Dress Up Your Avatar

When creating a hairstyle for your avatar, five essential elements must be taken into consideration: back hair, front hair, back ponytail and ahoge. By altering the base color, faded hues, tones and adding accessories you can customize these five elements to create an eye-catching style that stands out from others.

The hairstyle featured in the previous design has several adjustment and setting. For instance the rear hair is set at 205/206 while the front hair is 85/338. Additionally both have been set to 1/1108 for back hair, ponytail at 79/91 and ahoge at 40/51 for a more conservative approach. If you are looking to create unique hairstyle for your character or avatar take inspiration from these possibilities

We are continuing our exploration of Gacha Club hairstyle idea with two more styles for you to try out below. To ensure the most enjoyable experience for everyone involved, we purposefully did not include photos for each hairstyle. Image Credit: Gacha Club Hairstyle Ideas

Style 1

Style #1 starts with the 22/224 adjustment for the rear hair. It also has an adjustment of the front hair of 317/323 using the following scale: Y+4. 1/20, Y-Scale 2/20, with a Rotation of 1/30. The hair on the back is 78/100, with the scale of X+4 10, Y-10, X Scale 1/20, Y Scale 17/20, and Rotation 0. The ponytail is not applicable to this hairstyle, which means adjustments should not be set to 0/83 and the same applies to the ahoge, which should be set to the 0/51 mark.

Feel free to make any adjustments at your own pace. This is true for all styles that adhere to it.

Style 2

In style # 2, the hair on the back is set to 28/224, while the front hair is set to the 74/323 scale, which includes X+0, Y+4, X-Scale 2/20, Y-Scale 2/20, and a Rotation of 1/30. The hair that is back on this model is 70/100 with an adjustment to scale of X+2, 8 Scale X-Scale 4/20 and a rotation of 0. The ponytail doesn’t apply to this style, however, the ahoge has an adjustable 41/51 and an X-10 scale with Y+4, X-Scale 1/20, Y-Scale 1/20, and a 354-degree rotation.


The hair at the rear that is style # 3 has an adjustment of 98/224. It is then the front one which has the adjustment 268/323 as well as the scale of X+2, Y+6, the X-Scale of 1/20, the Y-Scale of 1/20, and an adjustment of 1/30. The hair in the back is, however, equipped with a 20/100 adjustment, the scale of X-2 16 Y-16, X-Scale 1/20 Y-Scale 1/20 and a rotation of 0. The Ahoge doesn’t apply to this type of hair, but the ponytail does, and it has adjustments of 74/83, an X-10 scale, Y+14, an X-Scale of 19/20, Y-Scale of 18/20, and a rotation of 345.

Play Gacha Club on PC!

Once you’ve got an idea of how you can create hairstyles or designs that you can wear on your characters, the next step will be to try playing on the computer. Have fun playing this game on a larger screen.


After reading this article we hope that you have gained a better insight into Gacha Club hairstyle.

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