Stardew Valley Walleye Fishing Guide – Catch Walleye with Ease

Stardew Valley Walleye has seen massive success as a simulation based role playing game across various platform such as PC, consoles and Nintendo Switch since its release in 2016. If you are wondering where exactly to find walleye in Stardew Valley look no further!

Players in Pelican Town, Minnesota have the unique opportunity to cultivate and sustain their farm. Fishing is one of many enjoyable activities available not only does it earn money but also allow player to hone their fishing skill. All that’s required to start is a rod and water source which can be purchased for as little as 500g.

Stardew valley walleye

The mini game is divided into two part casting and fishing. Fishing is a tough mini game so it is often recommended to practice prior to trying to locate a specific fish. This guide will teach you how to catch a walleye within Stardew Valley.

Where can I locate this walleye fish?

As with all fish in the Stardew Valley world, there are rules regarding the best time and place to catch a specific fish. In this guide we are going to concentrate exclusively on the freshwater walleye fish.

Walleye fish are found in lakes, rivers, and even in the ponds of the forest. However if you are searching for their most popular spawning location then look no further than the Pelican Town River Cindersap Forest Pond and Mountain Lake.

You must be very specific in your timing. The walleye can only be caught between 12 pm and 2 am so ensure that you are able to keep going until that time even if it is taking you a long time to land an opportunity to catch. The walleye is not a challenging fish being rated as having a difficulty level of 45.

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When and in what weather conditions can I find walleye?

Walleye are available only during the fall and winter seasons, and during rain.

If you’re not seeing rain whenever you’d like it to fall, then it might be time to purchase the Rain Totem. You can make a rain totem which will determine the expectation for weather conditions on the following scheduled day of the calendar. You can probably guess that it will be rainy.

It is necessary to be on foraging level 9 in order to make the totem.

The materials you must purchase to create your rain totem are:

  • 1 piece of hardwood
  • 1 tbsp Truffle Oil
  • 5 oz. Pine Tar

Once it’s made, place it on your property and then turn it on to alter the weather. If you’re still not sure if you’ve reached the right lever for foraging, rain totems can sometimes be located in the treasure rooms of the Skull Cavern.

If you’re still not getting any luck with fishing for walleye, you can try alternative ways to land the walleye fish. Sometimes, walleye are often discovered in trash cans that are scattered throughout Pelican Town.

They are also available through travelling carts that visit in the winter and fall seasons. The price of the fish can range from 315 to 1000 g.

Is Walleye required for any quest?

At present, there is only one quest that involves Walleye. Visit Pierre’s General Store and one of your options will be to catch a walleye fish for Sebastian’s Book Club.

Once you complete the quest, your relationship with Sebastian will blossom and Sebastian will reward you with 315g. Purchasing a gift certificate to finish the quest could leave you without money in your pocket; therefore, it is not recommended.

A walleye is required to complete the night fishing bundle for the community center. A gold-quality walleye must be obtained to make this quality fish bundle complete, and once both bundles have been fulfilled, partial completion of the fish tank will be achieved. Walleye is not commonly featured in recipes but it can be utilized in three delicious options.

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We are hoping that you have a better understanding about the stardew valley walleye after reading this article. If still you have any query regarding this topic let me know below in comment section. we will try to clear your doubts.

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