How Can I Get Serpent Slough in Wild Hearts

Serpent Slough in Wild Hearts: Wild Hearts belongs to the “hunter” genre and offers players a vast selection of weapons and armor to aid in their hunt for Kemono. The game boasts a diverse and extensive list of available items, with several equipment pieces that can be crafted using parts from the unique monsters that players hunt.

While there are numerous upgrade materials available in Wild Hearts, Serpent Slough holds particular importance. Unlike other upgrade materials, this valuable resource cannot be obtained from the large Kemono that players hunt. Instead, it can only be acquired by tracking down a much smaller and elusive animal. As a result, players must follow specific instructions to obtain Serpent Slough.

How Can I Get Serpent Slough in Wild Hearts

What is Serpent slough In wild hearts?

Sarpent slough is an rare material which can acquired by defeating Whipthrash Serpents. This material can only found in specific locations of the map. We will discuss below about the material.

Where to find Serpent Slough in Wild Hearts

To obtain Serpent Slough, players must travel to Natsukodachi Isle and venture north past the Dragon Altar or Coral Salt Swamp to search for Whipthrash Serpents – these flying serpents with preying capabilities will provide players with their primary source of Serpent Slough drops. Note that keeping them as pets won’t lead you any closer; rather, hunting down and killing these serpents is the only way to obtain this material.

How Can I Get Serpent Slough in Wild Hearts

Acquiring serpent slough may seem straightforward: all it requires is killing a Whipthrash Serpent on Natsukodachi Isle (also known as The Spirit Isle). These Kemono creatures inhabiting this small island are usually only found here and once killed will reward players with Serpent Slough as a prize. But there is one critical detail players should remember before engaging this task: one important catch exists which players should keep in mind during their pursuit of Serpent Slough.

As players progress through Wild Hearts’s multi-chapter storyline, they may notice that certain animals yield different materials depending on which chapter it was killed in – for instance a small Kemono killed in Chapter 1 may yield different material than when killed later in Chapter 4! The same holds true for Whipthrash Serpents killed both times.

For best results in killing the Whipthrash Serpent and receiving Serpent Slough from it, players should select Chapters 1 or 2 in the map system before heading towards Spirit Isle. After Chapter 3, its carcass no longer yields Serpent Slough.

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