Where is Lizzie After Beating High on Life

Where is Lizzie After Beating High on Life? As soon as G3 cartel’s operations have concluded, Lizzie is missing from the house and unknown where she may have gone. Players need to search for her in the game based on different theories as to her whereabouts; different locations might provide clues on where she might be; it might help talking with Gene Zaroothian or exploring various Slum areas where Tweeg may have seen her last or watching out for G3 cartel members that might kidnap her before searching them all before discovering Lizzie and saving her from imminent danger! By exploring different areas and completing missions players will ultimately locate Lizzie and rescue her from danger!

Where is Lizzie After Beating High on Life

As you progress through the game, you will encounter Lizzie who lives with Gene Zaroothian. As the story develops, you’ll discover that Lizzie has started dating an alien named Tweeg who will eventually arrive at their house; after defeating Skrendel Bros Lizzie leaves with Tweeg. Eventually after defeating G3 Cartel’s fourth boss and turning in their bounty Gene Zaroothian informs of Lizzie’s disappearance.

Where is Lizzie After Beating High on Life

After receiving this news, it will be necessary for you to leave all weapons except Kenny and Knifey with Gene Zaroothian and head directly for Space Applebee’s where Tweeg works.

“You should go through the Gateway of the Slums which you previously opened and walk along its tunnel until you reach Applebee’s, located in the Slums area.” From there head west toward docks using your Jetpack/Tether ability in order to cross any Sludge that may exist between there and Applebee’s.

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Once you reach Uptown, look for the Applebee’s shop where Tweeg works. Upon entering the shop, inquire about Tweeg’s whereabouts. The waiter will inform you that Tweeg hasn’t shown up for his shift. Kenny will then ask the waiter to prepare a table for two, and while you’re talking with him, you’ll hear Lizzie and Tweeg arguing outside. Tweeg has sold Lizzie to the G3 Cartel, and he proceeds to kidnap her and flee.

Where is Lizzie After Beating High on Life

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The G3 Cartel will attack you and Warp areas will start appearing in the Slums as you make your way back to the house. You must defeat the enemies and head to Blim City to take care of the Warp areas there too. Upon reaching the house, Gene will inform you that he has located Lizzie’s coordinates. Kenny’s doomed planet will then teleport the house.

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Gene will advise you to rest while he works on opening a portal to rescue Lizzie. After sleeping in your room, head downstairs to receive a shield upgrade for the Bounty Suit, and learn that Gene has found Lizzie’s coordinates. When the portal is opened, enter it to locate and rescue Lizzie.

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