Mike Lindell Net Worth 2024: Early Life, Career and More

Mike Lindell Net Worth 2024: Mike Lindell estimated net worth stands at an estimated US $174 Million and his annual income is more than US $32 Million from successful business ventures and investments. This article provides details regarding Mike Lindell wealth including cars and properties he owns. Mike Lindell is a prominent American businessman as well as a conservative political activist and conspiracy theorist.

Mike Lindell Net Worth 2024: Early Life, Career and More

Mike Lindell Net Worth 2024

NameMichael James Lindell
Net Worth$174 Million
Date of Birth28 June 1961
Age62 years old
Height6 feet 2 inches
ProfessionBusinessman, Conservative political activist & conspiracy theorist
Place of BirthMankato, Minnesota, United States

Early Life

Mike Lindell was born in Mankato, Minnesota on June 28th 1961 but raised in Carver and Chaska Minnesota. At age 17, he began gambling. Although he enrolled at the University of Minnesota after high school graduation, he dropped out shortly thereafter.

In his twenties, Lindell became addicted to cocaine and later turned to crack cocaine. His drug dependency and gambling debts resulted in his home being foreclosed upon and his marriage ending in foreclosure. After 19 days of nonstop awakeness, his crack dealers held an intervention where they refused to sell anymore to Mike. One even tried watching over him until he fell asleep! Eventually, prayer helped Mike overcome his addiction and get sober.


Mike Lindell founded My Pillow in 2004 and built it into an established manufacturing firm before its accreditation with the Better Business Bureau was revoked later on. Lindell later created non-profit organizations for former drug addict such as Lindell Foundation; later that same year he established Lindell Recovery Network to bring drug addiction survivors together.

Lindell recently claimed that major retailers stopped carrying My Pillow products due to his claims regarding the 2020 US presidential election results and appointed his son as CEO for My Pillow.

He created his social media platform initially known as Vocl, later changing to Frank after having issues with another company. Frank took four years for Lindell to complete and was described by him as being like YouTube and Twitter combined into one service.

Car collection

  • Lincoln Navigator
  • Land Rover Velar
  • Lexus ES
  • Mercedes-Benz C-Class
  • BMW X8
  • Audi A6
  • Ferrari Portofino

FAQ About Mike Lindell Net Worth

What is My Pillow net worth 2023?

He has estimated net worth of $174 million in 2023.

How much does Mike Lindell make per year?

Milke Lindell annual income is more than US $32 Million.

How old is Mike Lindell?

He is 62 years old in 2024.

Who is Mike Lindell wife?

Mike Lindell, the American businessman and founder of MyPillow, has been married twice in his life. He was previously married for around 20 years before getting divorced. From this marriage, he has children. In 2013 he married Dallas Yocum but filed for divorce just a few weeks later in mid-July of that year.


Mike Lindell is an esteemed American entrepreneur best known as the creator and current CEO of MyPillow pillow brand, estimated by forbes to possess an estimated net worth of approximately $174 Million. Additionally, Lindell was known for supporting former President Trump as well as creating his Lindell Recovery Network.

Lindell purchased his Minnesota house for $40 million; today its estimated market value has increased to over $58 million. If this information was helpful, please share it with others and bookmark our site to check back for more interesting posts.

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