List of Characters from Danganronpa V1,V2,V3

Fasten your gaming seatbelts, for today’s guide will go through every single character in Danganronpa.

Starting with the Trigger Happy Havoc Characters, moving on to the Goodbye Despair Characters, and finally concluding with the Killing Harmony Characters, today’s tour will introduce you to everyone of the Danganronpa cast. We’ll go a step farther than competing sites by adding including each character’s actual date of birth and Zodiac sign. But before we get to know all the Danganropa characters, it’s important to know what the show is about.

Danganronpa’s original premise revolves on fifteen of the best pupils in a prestigious academy called Hope’s Peak. After being told by the school’s headmaster, Monokuma, that they must commit murder in order to graduate, the students decide to take the course.

In order to graduate, they must find a means to secretly murder one of their classmates. Only the guilty student gets booted out if the rest of the group finds out who did it. If they are unable to identify the culprit, however, they are all eliminated, and only the offender completes the Academic time.

We won’t give away any more of the plot, so it’ll be up to you to figure out who of these 15 makes it out alive.

List of Characters from Danganronpa V1,V2,V3

An Extensive List of The Characters IN Danganronpa

Now that you know what’s going on in the Danganronpa series, I’ll go ahead and introduce you to every single character from V1 all the way down to V3! There will be a complete name, birth date, and astrological sign listed.


Danganronpa V1 Characters name:V1 Characters Birthday:V1 Characters Zodiac sign:
Leon KuwataAugust 23Capricorn
Makoto NaegiFebruary 5Aquarius
Touko FukawaMarch 3Pisces
Chihiro FujisakiMarch 14Pisces
Aoi AsahinaApril 24Taurus
Byakuya TogamiMay 5Taurus
Mondo OowadaJune 9Gemini
Sayaka MaizonoJuly 7Cancer
Yasuhiro HagakureJuly 25Leo
Kiyotaka IshimaruAugust 31Virgo
Sakura OogamiSeptember 13Virgo
Kyoko KirigiriOctober 6Libra
Celestia LudenbergNovember 23Sagittarius
Junko EnoshimaDecember 24Capricorn
Mukuro IkusabaDecember 24Capricorn
Hifumi YamadaDecember 31Capricorn

Playing as high school senior Makoto Naegi, you’ve been accepted to Hope’s Peak Academy in the Danganronpa V1 video game. Makoto is just a regular guy who was lucky enough to get into the school while everyone else there is a bunch of geniuses and geeks.

Makato shows up an hour early for the presentation in an attempt to exhibit his value and then chooses to take a sleep in one of the surrounding classrooms. When you wake up, you’ll find that the meta plates have been installed over the windows and there’s a strange camera in the middle of the room.

This point forward is where the series’ signature plot unfolds. Without giving anything away, know that the plot is going to take a very darker turn, but that it is also really exciting.


Danganronpa V2 Characters name:V2 Characters Birthday:V2 Characters Zodiac sign:
Hajime HinataJanuary 1Capricorn
Nekomaru NidaiFebruary 22Pisces
Hiyoko SaionjiMarch 9Pisces
Chiaki NanamiMarch 14Pisces
Mahiru KoizumiApril 24Taurus
Nagito KomaedaApril 28Taurus
Mikan TsumikiMay 12Taurus
Kazuichi SoudaJune 19Cancer
Peko PekoyamaJune 30Cancer
Akane Owari July 15Cancer
Fuyuhiko KuzuryuuAugust 16Leo
Teruteru HanamuraSeptember 2Virgo
Sonia NevermindOctober 13Libra
Ibuki MiodaNovember 27Sagittarius
Gundam TanakaDecember 14Sagittarius

Sixteen kids mysteriously materialise in the midst of a tropical island in Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair. A magical rabbit called Usami arrives next to them as they are meeting each other and explains that this is all merely a school trip among their classmates; yet, the plug does not seem to drop for anybody until the classroom “scene” collapses.

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Danganronpa V3 Characters name:V3 Characters Birthday:V3 Characters Zodiac sign:
Tenko ChabashiraJanuary 9Capricorn
Gonta GokuharaJanuary 23Aquarius
Maki HarukawaFebruary 2Aquarius
Kaede AkamatsuMarch 26thAries
Angie YonagaApril 18Aries
Kirumi TojoMay 10Taurus
Ouma KokichiJune 21Gemini
Ryoma HoshiJuly 1Cancer
Korekiyo ShingujiJuly 31Leo
Tsumugi ShiroganeAugust 15Leo
Shuichi SaiharaSeptember 7Virgo
Rantarou AmamiOctober 3Libra
KiibouOctober 29Scorpio
Miu IrumaNovember 16Scorpio
Himiko YumenoDecember 3Sagittarius
Kaito MomotaDecember 4Sagittarius

Danganronpa III’s Cast & Story:

Killing Harmony is not the third instalment in the series, but rather a reimagining of the series, thus the “v” in the title. Danganronpa 3: The End of Hope’s Peak High School is an anime sequel to the original two games. V3 may be seen as a fresh start for the series, and it is a nice one at that. The uncertainty of the original game’s plot was one of Danganronpa V3’s most appealing features.

There you have it, the whole cast of Danganronpa! This epic tale was developed with intricate language, a compelling story, and a cast of oddball and unforgettable characters.

Here’s a video lesson of all the characters’ in-game introductions from the Danganronpa series as a reward for reading this whole guide:

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