Find Out Who That Callmehbob Face Is and Why You Should Care

Are you familiar with Roblox game Royale High and know its creator, Callmehbob Face? Many creators on Roblox (programmers and content producers alike) choose anonymity when creating games for this platform; Royale High’s creator can often be found doing video creation work as Callmehbob – making him well known on both Roblox and YouTube platforms alike!

Many are intrigued by callmehbob and want to learn about her identity and appearance. Roblox creator has amassed an avid following that beseech her for further details – we should therefore explore this renowned designer further.

Name, Wife, and Family Details for Callmehbob Face

Callmehbob Face has always kept her real identity under wraps; when one fan requested that she do a facial reveal, Callmehbob responded using her Roblox avatar – it was quite amusing and unexpected!

Callmehbob’s fans have long awaited her return. There is one NightBarbie user believed to be her, though we only managed to gather more details on them so far.

Find Out Who That Callmehbob Face Is and Why You Should Care
  • Origin: Aura Frost, a made-up name
  • Creator and Head Coder: The Developer’s Role
  • Initiated in December of 2007
  • States of America; California
  • Video game development: Royale High
  • Husband: Launcelot Handsome

Celebrity Series 2 Blind Boxes include an adorable Roblox toy for Callmehbob Face known as Callmehostentatiouslyslyempressed as part of its prize. Unfortunately, we were only able to gather limited details regarding your favourite programmer; please save this page for future reference as we will add essential data such as date and location of birth as they become available.

As we wrap up our coverage of Callmehbob’s identity reveal, be sure to review our guidelines and code post on Roblox in order to maximize your time here.

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