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Realistic Ibuki Mioda Model Look Like Danganronpa Cosplayer?


Danganronpa cosplayer :This lightweight and breathable costume is perfect for Ibuki Mioda cosplay. You will need two school uniforms that look identical to Ibuki’s figure: a shirt-and-skirt combo with beaded sleeves; as well as a black miniskirt with beaded sleeves and an attached shirt with slit at the waist. Danganronpa cosplayers will find everything they need in this costume set!

Danganronpa Ibuki Cosplay costumes are abundant. A skilled cosplayer has attempted to recreate Ibuki Mioda’s outfit from the anime series. This costume can be perfect for all occasions such as Comic-Con, Halloween, Carnival or everyday use!

real-life Ibuki Mioda It Looking Like A Danganronpa cosplayer
real-life Ibuki Mioda It Looking Like A Danganronpa cosplayer

About Ibuki Mioda

Danganronpa, a Spike Chunsoft series, has three core games and a third-person shooter sequel.
Trigger Happy Havoc’s first game revolves around 15 students being trapped in an elementary school who must free themselves by murdering other pupils to escape. They debate the murderers after each crime site.


These games share a similar premise and feature characters with unique personalities and captivating character designs. Danganronpa has become immensely popular, drawing in an enthusiastic fan base. Players have grown attached to its diverse cast of characters, many choosing to cosplay some of their most beloved figures due to their captivating aesthetics.

Cosplayer ayuu.exe decided to give Ibuki Mioda, an upbeat musician with an eccentric personality, a try. She appears in Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair and Danganronpa 3: The End of Hope’s Peak High School.

Ayuu.exe has achieved Ibuki’s iconic look: pin-straight dark hair that falls to her shoulders, blue and pink pastel strands in her crown, plus bold box fringe with neon colors accents.


Her eccentric personality is perfectly encapsulated by her oversized, black-and-white striped hair and horns on her head, which reflect light from above.

She wears a simple school uniform that captures the classic sailor style. It even has a soft pink ribbon hanging from her torso with a white clasp. On one side she wears a scrunchie and pink and black gloves with no fingers on the other – an amazing example of cosplay’s incredible attention to detail!

Fans were delighted with the recreation, with over 6000 people liking ayuu.exe posts on Instagram.



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