Details of the Civilization 6 Leader Pass DLC Leaked

Civilization 6 Leader Pass DLC: A new leak allegedly exposes information about Civilization 6’s Leader Pass DLC. Sid Meier’s Civilization 6 is set to get additional DLC packs featuring Leader Pass content, and the newest leak hints developer Firaxis may be prepping a more significant chunk of material than simply new leaders. Civ 6 arrived in 2016, and the New Frontier Pass DLC is its newest addition.

Firaxis looks to have additional ambitions for Civilization 6 before it’s done. The game’s mobile website was just updated with new artwork portraying Abraham Lincoln. This evidence confirms a leak from Billibilli, a Chinese media website, before the photograph was released.

Civilization 6 Leader Pass DLC

Civilization 6 Leader Pass DLC

A growing pile of evidence implies that Civilization 6’s Leader Pass DLC is under development. CivFanatics forum members have translated the original Billibilli leak, providing vital information that, although probably fraudulent, resonates real. CivFantatics user xxhe, who translated Billibilli material, said Leader Pass content will be delivered across six months, likely beginning in mid-April 2022. Six DLCs will offer new leaders, situations, and potentially game modes, like the New Frontier Pass.
This leak should be taken with a grain of salt, but it seems plausible. Civilization 6 has had a few glaring exclusions, and the Leader Pass is Firaxis’ effort to correct this. Leaks claim Zhu Di and Wu Zetian may join the image’s leaders.

Civilization 6 suddenly has a serious rival. Victoria 3 includes a content update strategy and several features that surpass Firaxis’ title.
Everything points to the next Civ game being far off, so the Leader Pass may be Firaxis’ way of keeping Civilization 6 in the spotlight as long as possible. Civilization 7 should learn from Civ 6, but many want Firaxis to go farther.

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