Cheapest 88 Rated Players EA FC 24 in Ultimate Team

Cheapest 88 Rated Players EA FC 24 in Ultimate Team: Now that EA FC 24 has arrived, it’s time to turn our attention to some of the top players in the game and identify the most affordable 88-rated players in Ultimate Team. As the game progresses, these players will prove valuable for Squad Building Challenges (SBCs), but at present, some of them are genuinely viable options.

This year, there is also a Milestone objective that requires an 88-rated squad for completion. Additionally, there will be high-rated SBCs where a single 88-rated player can make a significant difference, so it’s crucial to be aware of their prices in the game.

Cheapest 88 Rated Players EA FC 24 in Ultimate Team

Cheapest 88 Rated Players EA FC 24

To assist you, we’ve compiled a list below of EA FC 24’s most cost-effective 88-rated cards available in Ultimate Team, complete with the latest prices to keep you well-informed.

Player NamePrice
Christine Endler17,800 coins
Jan Oblak17,800 coins
Irene Hernandez17,800 coins
Bernardo Silva17,800 coins
Bruno Fernades18,000 coins
Wendie Renard18,000 coins
Joshua Kimmich 18,000 coins
Marie Katoto18,000 coins
Alexandre Popp18,000 coins
RTTK Leonardo Bonucci18,500 coins
RTTK Edin Dzeko22,800 coins
Patricia Guijarro24,300 coins
Victor Osimhen26,000 coins
Ederson28,000 coins
Jari Litmanen44,500 coins
RTTK Angel Di Maria 45,000 coins
Diego Milito54,500 coins
Lautaro Martinez in-form54,500 coins

How to use these players

These players can be employed in various ways within Ultimate Team. You can use them to fulfill Squad Building Challenges (SBCs) or incorporate them into your starting XI to enhance your team’s overall rating.

For those aiming to accomplish SBCs, these players represent an excellent choice. They are all affordably priced and boast high ratings, making them valuable for tackling a diverse range of SBCs.

If your objective is to bolster your starting XI, these players also present a compelling option. They are all top-tier players with impressive statistics, capable of making a substantial impact on your team.


These are the cheapest 88 rated players in EA FC 24 Ultimate Team. They’re all great options for completing SBCs or improving your starting XI.

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