Cabined Accounts for Kids In Metaverse By Epic Games

Cabined Accounts for Kids In Metaverse By Epic Games: Epic Games has now launched a new feature dubbed “Cabined Accounts,” which are restricted accounts made with kids’ security in mind. The update goes live today for Fortnite, Rocket League, and Fall Guys. These kid-friendly stories are mentioned in Epic as well, suggesting they have some metaverse use.

Cabined Accounts for Kids In Metaverse By Epic Games

Cabined Accounts for Kids In Metaverse Launches By Epic Games

Similar to regular accounts, but with some functionality blocked, the Epic Games Store offers “cabined” accounts. At account creation, if a player enters a date of birth that is less than 13 or the age of digital consent in their country, their account will be locked. Epic will send a request for permission to a parent or guardian at the email address they submit. On a cabined account, chatting and buying are disabled. Only the aforementioned three games are available without parental approval.

Epic states in its announcement that it does not want players with restricted accounts to feel stifled, as this encourages children to lie about their age. It continues, “Another method has been to give a rich experience for younger gamers, but if children do not have parental consent, they are barred from participating in any way.” There is no best option here.

Epic mentions that this is in part to ensure the safety of children in the expanding metaverse, however it doesn’t go into detail about this in the post itself. Epic Games and Lego joined together earlier this year to provide children with a protected environment in which to use their imaginations and build in the metaverse. An online privacy and security platform called SuperAwesome was bought by the company in 2020. It has a verification system that allows for cabined accounts and provides all developers with access to SuperAwesome’s parental controls.

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