Spire of Watcher Dungeon In Destiny 2: Know Everything

Spire of Watcher Dungeon In Destiny 2: Destiny 2’s newest add-on, the Spire of the Watcher dungeon, has been released. The developers of the popular MMO shooter are planning to update the game on December 9 by resetting the servers and adding new weapons, armor, seals, and exotics. If players want to explore this new maze, they’ll need to finish the tutorial first.

Spire of Watcher Dungeon In Destiny 2

Spire of Watcher Dungeon In Destiny 2

The weekend is off to a good start for gamers, as Bungie has confirmed that the latest Dungeon for Destiny 2, called Spire of the Watcher, will be released on Saturday. This new season will start on December 9 at 9 a.m. PDT, and each day will start over. Here are the release dates and times for the most important parts of the world:

  • China- 1 am (December 10)
  • UK- 6 pm (December 9)
  • Brazil- 2 pm (December 9)
  • India- 10:30 pm (December 9)

But in order to get into the new dungeon, players will have to finish a mission called “Witch Queen.” They can also get the deluxe edition of the expansion or buy the dungeon key from the Eververse store to get in.

Leaked reports say that the game will have a Tex-Mechanica theme, but the official announcement only says when the game will come out. People think that the game will start on Mars, in an old building that players will have to break into. Reports also give information about the names of weapons, such as

  • Long Arm Scout Rifle
  • Terminal Horizon Machine Gun
  • Into the Sunset Grenade Launcher

The Solar Bow, also known as the Hierarchy of Needs, will be the most unique item in the dungeon. Players can only get this if they finish the last challenge and a few more puzzles. The unusual benefit will be called the Guidance Ring. The player can use this ring to find enemies and shoot arrows at them.

The game’s creators have confirmed that the master version of this game will also be released.

The person who finishes all of the solo missions, gets all of the special loot, and gets.

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