Avast Cleanup Premium Speed Up Your Window PC 2024

You can take a closer look at the results of this 10 minute run in our Avast Cleanup Premium Test. It is a replacement for the Avast Grimesfighter app, the old Avast cleanup and AVG tuneup discontinued. Avast Cleanup is a system-optimized tool to boost the performance of your devices by removing junk files and broken directories. It is a Free version of Avast Clean up Premium that is offered on many platforms. Also available is the Avast Cleanup Trial, which comes with some limited features.

Avast Cleanup Premium

Avast Cleanup Premium is an optimization tool that scans and solves your PC’s performance, memory, and security problems. It is a system tuning suite designed to speed up your PC, free up disk space and solve minor issues with your computer. For example, the antivirus app under the Performance tab states that it will fix junk files, redundant apps, inefficient system settings, and outdated registry entries.

Avast Cleanup Premium Speed Up Your Window PC

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Avast Cleanup Premium Speed Up Your Window PC

You can continue to use your PC after scanning and cleaning up Avast Cleanup Premium. The Avast Cleanup apps for Android and iOS are designed to help you improve the performance of your devices, save space and remove unnecessary media files and app-by-app data. Avast Cleanup Premium provides a tool that automatically scans your device to remove unnecessary files. Currently, you can use Avast Cleanup on a maximum of 10 devices.

Browser Avast Cleanup Premium offers cleaning up your browser by removing old plugins, deleting cookies, and a few other tricks. In addition, Browser Avast Cleanup Premium brings open apps to sleep, which helps speed up your computer by prioritizing the programs you use.

The jury is still out on whether or not Registry Cleaner is performance-enhancing. However, there are clear advantages to cleaning old files, cleaning your hard drive, removing old shortcuts, cleaning old apps in your browser, and deleting garbage.

Features of avast cleanup premium

The Avast Cleanup software comes with useful features. Many users of the software find it aesthetically pleasing. It is very easy to use and easy to use. You do not need to install any kind of bloatware with this software. It also comes in a standalone version. It comes bundled with Avast security software, but you can also use it with other brands of security software.

Avast Cleanup Premium Speed Up Your Window PC
  • Clean junk files that remain after downloading updates.
  • Update old versions of critical apps with a single click.
  • Fix broken shortcuts and broken Windows registry files.
  • Clean up memory by notifying memory-hogging apps to free up storage.

Pros and cons

Although Avast Cleanup Premium is well-rated and widely used, there are some limitations or cons to them. We’ll explain it to them now.


  • Standalone bundle, so minimum, without bloatware.
  • It provides us the choice to utilize other preferred AV programs.
  • Accessible and understandable UI for beginners and an innovative alternative can be obtained for some professional users.
  • It doesn’t eat up too much memory while in the background, which provides better performance.
  • Consistently monitoring alternatives can be empowered for automatic maintenance.


  • There’s a trial period of 60 days, but it takes us to provide credit card or Paypal info.
  • The scanning takes a great deal of time, but it’s dependent upon the PC’s hardware.
  • Too many alarms when automatic security is enabled.
  • Although scanning is free, cleaning them necessitates registration or activation.
  • The purchase cost of this program is virtually half of the most excellent edition of Avast applications, which comprises the cleanup program.

It is up to you, but we do not recommend purchasing cleanup software if you want to clean residual files. The built-in Disk Cleaning Utility for Windows is a good cleaning software. However, it is only sufficient for cleaning. If you need more features such as unwanted app removal, automatic app updates and registry cleaning, you can opt for Avast Cleanup Premium. It is the best software selection you can make and, given its features, it will be worth it.

You can get them all at once, but it will take some time for everything to be in order. Immediately.


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