Ark Industrial Grinder: How to Craft it? 2024

Ark Industrial Grinder: In Ark Survival Evolved, the industrial grinder is a late-game item that is expensive and hard to make. Instead of producing anything helpful, it deconstructs things like buildings and other synthetic objects. As a result of the time and effort that went into their creation, you get fewer of those resources now.

Ark Industrial Grinder: Why Should I Craft It?

You are part of a large group on the PvP server, and members of that group often raid bases to get useful items they don’t need.

You always get things from loot drops, and you have a huge number of ascendant Paracer saddles even though you don’t have a Paracer.

Ark Survival Evolved Industrial Grinder

If you’re interested in making a movie or writing a blog article about the industrial grinder, you’re in good company; I’d want to do the same thing.

In Ark, most players won’t ever have a purpose for an industrial grinder, but some of you will end up in a large group and end up with a lot of expensive junk.

Which materials are necessary to make the industrial grinder?

  • A survivor at level 64 and above
  • 600 polymer, organic polymer, or corrupted nodule
  • 600 cementing paste or achatina paste
  • gasoline to run it
  • 3200 metal ingots
  • 2,000 crystal
  • 600 oil
  • A lot of room at your base

You or your group will need to gather a substantial amount of materials in order to construct one of these. Obtaining all that metal may necessitate the construction of a large-scale forge.

Industrial Grinder Are Expensive

Industrial grinders are out of reach for most people because of their high production costs. Putting up that much effort is pointless because the payoff is so little. I made one to satisfy my own curiosity and for the purposes of this writing and the accompanying video. I frequently visit loot drops and supply crates, where I acquire excellent gear that I have no use for. I have recently placed all of this useless equipment in the grinder, but I have been unable to bring myself to press the “grind all” option.

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