Android 12 Latest ROM Hidden Feature Changelog Taskbar, and dp2

DP2: Google introduced the following Developer Preview of Android 12 earlier today, and it includes several new features which should excite users. To begin with, there are new picture-and-picture gestures, as we first reported last month. Developers can now easily apply a blur effect to the desktop, and there are improvements to telling visibility for improved privacy. But outside of the formally declared changes, tons of new features exist or hidden away in Android 12 Developer Preview 2. Following is a summary of all of the hidden features that we discovered.

Game Dashboard

This toolbar overlays two icons on display, one of which is supposed to allow you to begin a screen recording. However, that is not all. We also spoke about a Gaming Dashboard course that we thought will contain more features. In Android 12 DP2, we have seen work on the Gambling Dashboard, even though it’s still far from prepared.

Android 12 Latest ROM Hidden Feature Changelog Taskbar, and dp2

Presently, the hidden Gambling Dashboard includes a widget to initiate a live flow through YouTube Live. Additionally, it has a couple of settings toggles for taking a screenshot, beginning a screen recording, toggling the FPS counter, and toggling Do Not Disturb mode. Another widget is empty right now, but it will probably contain some other helpful shortcut in the not too distant future.

Android 12 Latest ROM Hidden Feature Changelog Taskbar, and dp2

Revamped PIN view

Our policy of all of the new features we found in Android 12 DP2 said that the lock screen PIN perspective had obtained a small UI change. Now, we have also enabled a completely new UI for the PIN view. This new UI features giant bubbles to the amounts and the delete and enter keys. However, the background colour for the numbers and the delete/enter keys are distinct, making them a lot easier to distinguish at a glance.

The new UI for the PIN perspective may be part of Google’s wider tweaks to the lock screen, which we reported last month.

Enhanced Monet Theming System

Last month, programmer kdrag0n gave us our first look at Google’s new wallpaper-based theming system, code-named”monet.” When”money” is enabled, the user’s wallpaper determines the background colour and accent colour through Settings and SystemUI. Nevertheless, in DP1, “money” only partly recoloured Settings. Now in Android 12 DP2, each Settings page receives a complete makeover using a theme based on your wallpaper.

Moreover, the reach of”money” has been enlarged to theme the lock screen PIN/pattern perspective, dialogues from the Pixel Launcher, and the program list in Pixel Launcher.

Under-the-hood, “monet” is currently using a more sophisticated way of determining the best colours to use from any given wallpaper. Following kdrag0n: “the wallpaper-based theming system, Monet, uses the CAM16 perceptual colour model for more accurate colour extraction. DP1 was using a very simple HSL (Hue-Saturation-Lightness) change, which could lead to strange colours because it doesn’t model what the human eye sees.”

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New Toast Message UI

Next, Google is also working on tweaks to the toast message UI. Toast messages contain simple messages which can not be actioned on, but it is not always clear what program is generating them. In Android 12 DP2, Google is testing a new toast message UI that shows the app’s icon that created the message. In the screenshot below, the program that created the toast message is Android 12’s SystemUI.

Pixel Launcher has a new Search widget

At present, the search widget found at the bottom of the home screen or the peak of the program list from the Pixel Launcher is powered by the Google App. The present search widget may thus be relatively slow to start, but mercifully Google has a solution for this issue. The business is working on a brand new search widget supplier that does not rely on the Google App. We caught a short glimpse of the feature back in Android 12 DP1, but DP2 brings a few improvements to the characteristic.

From the screenshot gallery embedded below, you can see that Google is testing a new search interface from the programs list. This search interface opens very quickly and will enable you to search your phone for programs, contacts, settings, and much more. However, it will not function appropriately in Android 12 DP2 to look for programs installed on the device.

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Taskbar for large screen devices

Another feature hidden away from the Pixel Launcher is a taskbar. This taskbar appears at the bottom of the display and is persistent across all programs. It shows your most often used apps in addition to a handful of your latest apps. It will only appear on bigger screen devices, however. Android has had a concealed desktop interface for several versions now, so this might eventually be the first step towards making the desktop manner more useful.


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