AFK Arena Cycle of Sorrow: Whole Guide May 2024

Cycle of Sorrow in AFK Arena: Cycle of Sorrow is AFK Arena’s new mode. Heroes trapped within “Realm of Pain” must complete quests in chapters of Cycle of Sorrow to progress – each stage offers new foes, obstacles and locations! As your rank up increases new heroes will join your team against evil forces!

Players must manage their resources wisely when selecting heroes, gear, and powers to field in battles. Heroes do not regenerate between battles so players must plan and conserve resources as best possible to ensure victory in every encounter. Completion of Cycle of Sorrow levels unlocks cash, experience points for them as heroes as well as powerful relics which increase stats or rare suits that enhance player stats – rewarding the player handsomely with prizes including cash or valuable gear prizes!

Vurk and Skreg make an appearance at this month’s AFK Arena Cruise of Marvels event! Enjoy prizes while learning more about Esperia’s final days within Game.

AFK Arena Cycle of Sorrow Voyage of Wonders Map

This video shows the updated Cycle of Sorrow map:


Full Clear of the new Voyage of Wonders!

Reddit user Afk Inside shared his Cycle of Sorrow Cruise of Marvels map, detailing where riddles and gifts leading to crystal boxes can be found. The numbers represent places along this voyage.

AFK Arena Cycle of Sorrow

AFK Arena Cycle of Sorrow: Rewards

The Cycle of Sorrow event’s main prize consists of ten Stargazer Decks that can be used in the Stargazing Room to draw heroes or materials for use within it. Other benefits may also be accrued:

  • 3000 Poe coins
  • 100 baits
  • 100 elemental shards
  • 50 elemental cores
  • Chests

How long will Cycle of Sorrow be playable in the Game?

The duration of each Journey of Marvels event is 14 days. Cycle of Sorrow started on May 4 and is anticipated to conclude on May 18.

Simply stated, that is all there is to know about AFK Arena’s Cycle of Sorrow.

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