Destiny 2 From Zero: Full Quest Guide April 2023


Destiny 2 From Zero is a set of training films made by the Vlogger Datto, intended to aid new players get started in the game Destiny 2. The series covers everything from basic gaming elements to advanced plans and tactics, and is aimed at players who are totally new to the game or who are back after a long pause. Each part of the series covers a different game facet. The series covers character creation, basic gaming features, weapon kinds and classes, task and quest completion, and game progression.

The “From Zero” part of the title refers to the fact that the series is intended to aid users who are starting from zero and have no past experience with Destiny 2. The series aims to give viewers a thorough introduction to Destiny 2 so they can start playing and loving it. The Destiny 2 From Zero task rewards you with the Infintite Loop fabled Arc fusion gun. Here are the steps.

Destiny 2 From Zero: Rewards

The Destiny 2 From Zero task unlocks the Iterative Loop rare Arc energy fusion gun. Destiny 2 has powerful legendary fusion rifles. If you haven’t reached the recommended Power level to continue the campaign, this quest will help you level up your gear after completing the first Destiny 2 Lightfall mission. PvP and holiday actions benefit from the new Neomuna weapon, one of the game’s best close-range special weapons.

Destiny 2 From Zero

Quest Steps: Destiny 2 From Zero

The From Zero task is available from Neomuna dealer Nimbus after Lightfall’s first mission. Destiny 2 From Zero task steps follow:

  • Rob three Neomuna area chests.
  • Finish all of the tasks in Neomuna.
  • Get rid of Shadow Legionary Trask.
  • Go back to Nimbus.

Destiny 2 From Zero Quest Breakdown

How to finish the Destiny 2 From Zero task as soon as possible is provided here.


Rob three Neomuna area chests

The Neomuna map marks area boxes, but they can be hard to spot. Zephyr Plaza and Ahimsa Park have area boxes. Map for fast reference.

Finish all of the tasks in Neomuna

Destiny 2 From Zero: Simply finish Neomuna tasks in this step. For the fastest progress, engage in events like Destiny 2 Terminal Override while gathering and finishing patrols. The goal is to get you familiar with Neomuna.

Get rid of Shadow Legionary Trask

After enough Neomuna actions, you’ll open a path to beat Shadow Legionary Trask. The game will give you a waypoint to pursue this enemy in Esi Terminal. The Lightfall assault will be harder than this fight. This task requires defeating the foes.


Go back to Nimbus

When you return to Nimbus after finishing this mission, he will give you the Endless Loop fusion weapon.

That is all there is to it for the Destiny 2 From Zero quest, which will grant you the Infinite Loop fusion rifle.

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