The Wreck Release Date: Coming to Switch this Spring


The Wreck Release Date: A sophisticated 3D graphic novel about mom, sisterhood, sorrow, and survival, The Wreck. Players watch as failing screenwriter Junon struggles to get through the most important day of her life. Relive the past, change the present, and face the future—or see Junon’s tale come to a disastrous conclusion.
The poignant indie game The Wreck is coming to Switch and will take you on a gripping visual novel journey of sorrow and survival, so be ready for a tearjerker.

The Wreck: More about the Game

The Wreck Release Date: The Pixel Hunt’s The Wreck is another emotionally charged visual novel after Bury Me, My Love’s popularity. In March, The Wreck, an adult tale of sisters, parenthood, grief, and survival, will be made available on Switch, PS4, PS5, Xbox, and PC.


Junon, an unsuccessful screenwriter, faces her most important day. With her mother in critical condition and her mind on the edge of collapse, you must assist her negotiate uncomfortable dialogues, examine her fragmented memories, and create a non-linear narrative that addresses trauma and healing in excruciating yet cathartic detail.

The Wreck Release Date

The teaser shows The Wreck’s amazing 3D visual style, superb music and voice acting, and incredibly emotional tale, proving that The Pixel Hunt is still on top form and might be another Bafta nomination.

The Wreck Release Date

The Wreck Release Date: 9 October 2022, Switch, PS4, PS5, Xbox, and PC. You can add the game to your queue on any device, and Steam gives a pre-release demo.


The Wreck: Trailer

Watch Video:

The Wreck Release Date: The Wreck’s latest trailer shows the film’s poignant story. The Pixel Hunt’s YouTube account has many additional videos, including The Wreck’s first 20 minutes.

That is all we currently know about The Wreck’s release date.


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