5 Best Greatswords In Elden Ring: Get Complete Details

5 Best Greatswords in Elden Ring: Greatswords have been a mainstay of FromSoftware games since the first Dark Souls. They hit hard but move slowly. Many players like these weapons because they can do a lot of damage and stun their enemies with just a few hits. With the different weapon skills and the addition of swappable skills in Ashes of War, there are many different ways to play with this subset of weapons.

1. Bastard Sword

Best Greatswords in Elden Ring

This is another really good Greatsword that can be used in Elden Ring’s early to mid-game. The sword does 138 damage to a person’s body and scales off both Strength and Dexterity.

This weapon is very easy to use and is mostly made for people who like to dodge a lot. The weapon also has a very good range, and the damage it does can pretty much kill any enemy in the early game.

Location: Sold by Nomadic Merchant at Castle Morne.

2. Claymore

Best Greatswords In Elden Ring

The claymore is a staple of the Souls series and has been around for ages. When things weren’t looking good, this weapon was always there for me.

The same holds true for Elden Ring, as Claymore is not only returning but also improving. It has a physical damage of 138 and reasonable needs for both strength and dexterity.

Because it boasts one of the strongest movesets in the game, this sword is a must-have for any player interested in greatswords.

Location: Castle Morne.

3. Banished Knight’s Greatsword

Best Greatswords In Elden Ring

This greatsword is among the most well-rounded in the game. It’s one of the greatest Greatswords to bring into endgame because of its high physical damage and reasonable weight.

In addition, the weapon’s moveset is solid, allowing the user to effortlessly hold down foes and deal the killing blows.

Location: Can be farmed at Stormveil Castle.

4. Dark Moon Greatsword

If you’ve played previous FromSoftware games, you might already be familiar with this weapon — it’s appeared in one form or another in almost every FromSoftware game. This staple weapon is almost always worth your time, as it tends to be one of the stronger weapons in the games it has appeared in. Its appearance in Elden Ring as the Dark Moon Greatsword is no different.

5 Best Greatswords In Elden Ring: Get Complete Details

5. Sacred Relic Sword

5 Best Greatswords In Elden Ring: Get Complete Details

The Sacred Relic Sword is an amazing Faith-based weapon that fits a hybrid Faith/Dexterity-based build.

The base Physical attack of this Greatsword is 118, and the base Holy attack is 76. To use it, you need a Dexterity stat of 24 and a Faith stat of 22, but it does more damage with a D grade in both of those stats.

To use it, you only need 14 Strength, and its damage scales with Strength at a grade of E. Overall, this is a very strong and one-of-a-kind Greatsword. Don’t count on using this weapon on your first playthrough, though.

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