OnePlus 6 Review: Is it worth buying in 2024?

OnePlus 6 Review: I’ve seen OnePlus evolve like most critics. From a small, unknown startup that hoped customers would wait for its products, the firm now dominates India’s premium market.

OnePlus’ success is straightforward. The firm sells affordable high-end smartphones. Until OnePlus 5 and 5T. The OnePlus 6 isn’t much more costly than the OnePlus 5T, but it’s still high-end.

OnePlus 6 Review: The OnePlus 6 is a terrific smartphone, but for Rs. 34,999 and Rs. 39,999, concerns remain. so will this review.

Really rapidNot the best for low light shoot
Dependable battery lifeIt is not waterproof
Nice display
Vast amounts of RAM and storage

It lacks wireless charging

OnePlus 6 Review: OnePlus’ first smartphone with a glass back. Wireless charging isn’t available. OnePlus claims wireless charging is sluggish and it doesn’t see the value in the technology currently.

The response is truthful but debatable. Many of the OnePlus 6’s missing features may have increased the phone’s price. Contrary to the company’s “Never Settle” motto.

OnePlus 6 Review

OnePlus 6 Review: OnePlus’ target market is clear. Once centred on enthusiasts, it’s now targeting general shoppers. Wireless charging isn’t life-changing. Wireless charging is important to geeks, especially in India, where most purchasers are mainstream. It’s stylish and futuristic for your phone.

It is not waterproof

OnePlus 6 Review: Motorola’s waterproof phone cost less than Rs 20,000. OnePlus 6 is splash-proof, although the business offers no IP rating. This isn’t waterproof.

Everyone needs waterproofing, unlike wireless charging. It’s a problem for any phone above Rs 30,000, even the OnePlus 6. You can purchase a phone without waterproofing, but it’s not as good.

Waterproofing a phone costs more. OnePlus spent on AMOLED panels, a high-end CPU, and plenty of RAM. Screen, CPU, and memory account for a large amount of a phone’s price.

OnePlus 6 Review: Notch

OnePlus 6 Review: Android phones will feature notches in 2018. Toss it. Done? How about the notch?

In the last week, I’ve realised a notch improves a phone’s user experience. It achieves this by giving you practically entire screen real space.
Still, I prefer Samsung’s curved displays over these notched ones. I think the curved edge is more elegant and immersive than the straight edge.

Simply explained, the notch changes the aesthetic of cellphones. Like everyone else, OnePlus is embracing it. It’s fine.

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