Winter Convergence Festival: New items and events on New World

Winter Convergence Festival: New World’s yearly holiday festival brings new merchandise and activities. It’s everything here.
Winter Convergence Festival is nearly here, which means New World is going to become joyful. The Winter Wanderer will bless Aeternum once again. The Winter Warrior has returned to plunge the land into Forever Winter.

As snow falls and the Northern Lights shine, the people of Aeternum will exchange presents and celebrate. Outside their hearth, a winter conflict rages. Amazon Games’ MMORPG has fresh adventures and discoveries this season. Christmas brings fresh stuff for gamers. The New World will soon include new tasks and prizes. Here’s how to enjoy the Winter Convergence Festival.

Winter Convergence Festival: Collect Winter Tokens

Winter Tokens are the festival’s currency. Collect Winter Tokens by completing repeated activities on the island to gain rare gear, cosmetics, and more.

Winter Convergence Festival: Gather Gleamite

Winter Convergence will bring a unique snowfall to New World. Gleamite showers are random nighttime rifts that disperse the precious mineral Gleamite. You may swap as much for Winter Tokens.

Winter Convergence Festival
Winter Convergence Festival: New items and events on New World

Winter Convergence Festival: Accept new challenges

Four WinterVillages have appeared around Aeternum, providing seasonal activities and adventures. Everfall, Monarch’s Buffs, Waver’s Fen, and Brightwood have these settlements. You may discover the Winter Wanderer with new holiday tasks.
Winter Villages will include a Tree of Light for daily check-in prizes. Assist townspeople to get better gifts.

Shop at the Winter Convergence shop

The Winter Village Holiday Hut has festive outfits and nice emotes. Make sure you’ve spent all your Winter Tokens before the event ends.

Obtain Credibility

Winter Convergence Festival activities reward reputation and stuff. The five levels are Reveler, Celebrant, Merrymaker, Joybringer, and Holiday Regent. These ranks unlock event store products.

You may gain reputation by completing tasks, but it takes more to reach the top. Returning lost gifts, mining Gleamite, and completing town projects boost reputation.
The Winter Convergence Festival occurs from December 6, 2022, through April 28, 2023. If you haven’t played New World yet, now is the time to start.

Merry Christmas, hunters!

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