Street Fighter Chun-Li: Game Revealed Nendoroid

Street Fighter Chun-Li: The Good Smile Company unveils the Street Fighter Chun-Li Nendoroid with numerous face plates and positions.
The Good Smile Company has revealed the final appearance of the Street Fighter Chun-Li Nendoroid, which will be released soon. It captures Chun-most Li’s famous positions and motions, making it a terrific gift or collection.

Street Fighter Chun-Li: “Good Smile” company manufactures Nendoroids and Figma, which have crossovers with video games and anime. Figma has Overwatch, Zelda, and more, while Nendoroid has Genshin Impact and Persona 2 and 3. Nendoroids are smaller, broader, and keep to ‘chibi’ proportions, making even ordinarily scary figures appear charming.

Street Fighter Chun Li

Street Fighter Chun-Li: Pre-Ordering

The Street Fighter Chun-Li Nendoroid is currently available for pre-order and will arrive in Japan and the US in 2023. Her style is traditional. Chun-Li has interchangeable faceplates like other Nendoroids. These give her a sombre, drowsy, yawning, and pleased look with her eyes closed. She comes with pieces to imitate Chun-Lightning Li’s Kick and Kikoken. An extra hand lets her do her victory stance.

Street Fighter Chun-Li: Chun-Li costs 8,400 yen in Japan or $58.99 at Good Smile US. While it may be too much for some fans, it’s a fine collector’s piece and costs less than Street Fighter 6’s. Other sculptures and figurines, like the Final Fantasy Terra statue, have outrageous prices. Fans interested in the figure should pre-order, since Nendoroid prices tend to rise after release.

Street Fighter Chun-Li: Street Fighter fans have a lot to look forward to, despite some issues. Street Fighter 6’s announcement has reenergized the audience, but the cover image has disappointed some. With Chun-revamp, Li’s fans are excited to play as her again. The Street Fighter 6 beta has mainly satisfied testers, so this upcoming edition should meet gamers’ expectations.

Street Fighter 6 releases June 2, 2023 for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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