Zold Out Tier List: Game Reroll Guide


Zold Out Tier List: Discover the most fearsome characters with our Zold Out tier list, then use our Zold Out reroll guide to guarantee you get the one you desire.

Zold Out Tier List: Zold Out is a mobile RPG featuring anime chicks and strong ladies who want to kick butt. Our Zold Out tier chart shows you which girls may lead you to triumph and which can make you submit. A Zold Out reroll guide helps you acquire the character you desire.

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How can I reroll for Zold Out?

Zold Out Tier List: In Zold Out, you may reroll in the event that you don’t receive the character you desire if you:

  • Start the game.
  • Employ a guest account.
  • Finish the tutorial.
  • To get your pre-registration benefits, go to the mailbox in the lobby.
  • Access the recruits menu.
  • Utilize your pre-registration gifts to draw characters.
Zold Out Tier List

If you receive the person you desire, fantastic! If not, you must:

  • Access settings
  • Account administration, click
  • Reset the account.
  • tick yes
  • Follow the steps above again until you achieve what you want.

Our Zold Out tier list and reroll instructions are presented here.


Zold Out Tier List

RankZold Out characters
SMorgan, Ashley, Gloria, Karen, Natalie
AFaustina, Luther
BAurura, Hilda, Irene, Dawn, Veronica
CKeith, Gino, Jane, Ella, Margarete, Adelaide
DGail, Karl, Josh, Tess, Afra, Norman, Celia, Rosetta
EMilly, Carolyn, Rae, Doris

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